GIVEAWAY (3 Winners): Who Rescued Who? Win Rescued vol. 2

rescuedIn Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes, twelve cats share their rescue stories. It’s a feel-good book that will leave you laughing and every couple of pages, reaching for a hankie. Part of the proceeds from sales of the book go to rescue organizations selected by the authors.

One of the cats featured in the book is Mousebreath’s own Banzai, who thinks being a published author is the cat’s meow. Part of this month’s sales proceeds will benefit Marin Humane Society, the shelter that rescued Banzai and his family from a kill shelter several hours away. 

We pulled Banzai out from behind the couch where he was hiding from the demon kittens, and asked him about his rescue story and his creative process:

BANZAI: Me and my bruther Eddie were in line to be shipped off to The Sausage Factory win my peeps shode up and brot me to my furever home.

MOUSEBREATH: Did you do anything special to ensure that you’d get picked?

BANZAI: Nope. I wuz just my adoruble self. But win they wuz evalyooating me, I did heer them menshun my eyes.


BANZAI: Yah. My eyeballz point in diffrint direkshuns, and hyoomans seem to know that this givs me superiur vizhun. It’s like a sooperpower. Win they were playing with me trying to deeside wether to take me home or not, they kept sayin, “Look at his eyes!” Like they’d never seen eyeballz beefore.


MOUSEBREATH: How did you become a published author?

BANZAI: Well, my ladey new abowt the ferst Rescued book, and she red it many times. Win the secund one wuz being plannd, the ladey sed, “Hay Banzai! Yoo’ve got an intristing rescyoo storey–why don’t yoo see if yoo can git in the book?” So I did!

MOUSEBREATH: Any advice for prospective feline authors?

BANZAI: Well, da grate Max Thompson will bak me up on this: Silvervine.

MOUSEBREATH: Silvervine?

BANZAI: Yep. It is da only thing that will git the kreative jooses flowing. It loosens yoo up and gits yer imajinayshun to take over yer brane. Win that happens, the stories sqwert out of you like diareeah.

Mousebreath is giving away 3 copies of Rescued Vol. 2. It’s an Amazon giveaway, so you just need to click through and tap the box to see if you’re a winner!

Amazon Giveaway Link:

Rescued, Vol 2 is available in paperback and Kindle formats. Part of March’s sales go to Marin Humane Society, so we’d LOVE for you to buy a copy and support cat rescue!


THE FINE PRINT: This giveaway is sponsored by Mousebreath. This, many of our other giveways, and Banzai’s silvervine habit are funded by the proceeds from affiliate links. Thanks for clicking!

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  1. Random Felines says:

    Great interview. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Connie says:

    well bummer, I missed the giveaway!
    Giveaway ended
    Mar 11, 2017 4:47 PM PST


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