GIVEAWAY and Book Review: Cat Calls!

Cat Calls, book for cat owners by Jeanne Aldon and Susan Logan

What should you do if you catch your cat, red-handedpawed, trying to pull your 20-lb Thanksgiving turkey off the kitchen counter, onto the floor and off to his hidey hole?

cat calls a book by susan logan and jeanne adlonThe answer might surprise you.

In the new book, Cat Calls, Wonderful Stories and Practical Advice from a Veteran Cat Sitter, Jeanne Adlon and Susan Logan dispense common sense advice that’s as helpful for new cat owners as it is for veterans who think they know it all.

Adlon is a 35-year veteran of cat sitting in Manhattan and boy, does she have some great stories to tell! With Cat Fancy’s editor-in-chief, Susan Logan, Adlon covers the gamut from the welcoming a new cat into your home to feeding, litter box challenges, behavioral issues and health care.

Don’t think for a minute that this is a dry, clinical, how-to book, though. It’s told in the context of lively anecdotes involving the cats who’ve been in Adlon’s care… there’s even a tarantula story thrown in!

jewish cat stays kosher on passoverJeanne’s done everything from feeding clients’ cats on Waterford crystal to keeping Jewish clients’ cats on a kosher diet. At 116 pages, it does not provide comprehensive information on every topic, but it’s an amusing read for any cat lover and an excellent book to give as a gift to a new cat owner.

Visually, the book is a treat, illustrated with charming drawings by Cathy Morrison.

As for what to do when your cat tries to make off with the Thanksgiving turkey, well you’ll just have to read the book to find out!

And you’re in luck. Mousebreath is giving away a copy of Cat Calls to a lucky reader. Leave a comment on this post to enter.

How to Enter

If you’re a cat: Tell us where you would take the Thanskgiving turkey if you were successful in nabbing it from the kitchen counter.

If you’re a cat lover: Tell us what you’d do if you caught your cat with his jaws firmly gripped on the drumstick, ready to make his getaway!

No more than two entries per household. Good Luck!

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Comments (18)

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  1. I’d eat dat turkey rite there on the kitchen floor! Grab a big bite and swallow quick, afore the yelling an pushing starts.
    ~ Victor “the Vacuum” Tabbycat

  2. Nina Torbie says:

    Oh, I don’t steal food. I just stare at it and purr loudly! I might sneak up on it, sniff carefully, and snatch a quick bite, but then I’d have to run away to my secret hiding place (which might be in the basement).
    ~ Ninafur Torbie

  3. Orvis says:

    Oh Boy! I would take that turkey upstairs under mom and dad’s bed, and call the rest of my household up to enjoy it with me!

  4. pook555 says:

    I think this turkey would definitely be brought under the bed and shared with all interested house felines MOL! As for me (meowmy), I’d probably laugh and take pictures while making sure every kitty got a piece 🙂

  5. Anastasia & Bambi says:

    We wanna win this book so we can get some tips on how to steal Mom’s turkey this year!

  6. Newman says:

    I’d grab that turkey and take it inside the chair which is my hidey place. I’d even let my siblings come in there with me to chow down!

  7. Cheysuli says:

    I would take the turkey to the nicest plate I could find because I never eat from the floor and I prefer a plate. If the Woman had the good crystal or china out, I would be found on the nice dining table eating from the plate of the person most likely to be offended…

  8. Link says:

    I hyperventilate at the thought of even being up close to a real live ded turkey! I’d probly pass out frum the aksitement!!!!!

  9. Doodle Bean says:

    I love my cats and they have CRF, so I would say a loud, “NO!” and they would scatter. They know I don’t mess around especially when it has to do with food which would hurt them!!

  10. Susan Saavedra says:

    If my cat was trying to make off with the turkey, I’d carefully cut off a large chunk of turkey-without-bones for him! What else? It’s his house, after all, and I’m just his servant!

  11. I would drag that turkey to the woofie’s bed to make it look like she stole it!


  12. Mom Nora says:

    I would probably laugh, give the cat the piece he had his teeth on and put the rest back on the table.


  13. Fisher says:

    Fisher here: I would probably just push the platter to the side of the table and pose myself in the middle of the table as the perfect centerpiece. (Just kidding!)But our resident thief, Wart would grab the entire turkey,pull it the long way down the white tablecloth, push it on the floor, and then drag it in my staff person’s closet where he like to “be alone”.

  14. rn_damia says:

    Punkin– I am really good @ stealing stuff I’m not supposed to have, like the time I climbed up into the very top cabinet my mom tried to hide some chicken leftovers (being too lazy to clean up right then). All that skin & scraps made me a bit bloated for a few days, & I had to suffer through a trip & some tests at the stabby place…..but it was SOOO WORTH IT!
    Shadow–If my friend lets me have some, if he doesn’t stuff the whole thing down his throat, I’d eat just enough to fill up & then walk away. Mommy always feeds us just fine, & she says I’m pretty & fluffy, but I don’t want a droopy tummy like Shadow.
    Mom–Me cook? A turkey? Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Boy do they have an imagination……

    • rn_damia says:

      Shadow–Oops, I meant I don’t want a droopy tummy like Punkin…. thinking of yummy stuff got me a bit distracted…

  15. Well, this happened to my brother a long time ago…before I was born…and the story has been confirmed by my human. Rascal decided that the turkey defrosting in the sink looked and smelled awfully good, despite the fact that it hadn’t been cooked and it was only 15x his size. He approached carefully, making certain that no one was around. One wrong step on the countertop could have given him away, but he was super stealthy. Finally he reached the counter and started snacking…then devouring. YOu would have thought that someone would have heard him smacking his lips, but he was just that good. By the time he was full, he had eaten a hunk of turkey the size of an adult cat’s head! Then he just strolled off as if nothing had happened.

  16. Tempest says:

    Tempest here, After climbing up on the counter, I would take my sweet time clawing at the massive nom nom and then knock a few pieces of bread stuffing on the floor, then tug like mad till the turkey fell on the floor. seeing the leg come off and it being the best to my advantage at the moment, i would take that thing and hull off and Hide it away, in the very back of moms closet where a hide away box is… *heheehe, she has found nom noms there before.

  17. thepricklypinecone says:

    I would first laugh then grab my camera but then I would probably get serious and lock the cat in a room as I cleaned up her mess!


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