And the WINNER of Awkward Family Pet Photos is….

Awkward Family Pet Photos

The winner of an inscribed copy of Awkward Family Pet Photos is ….. Grrreta! Concats on your win and thanks fur playing!

The Managing Editor of Mousebreath, Karen Nichols, is a contributor to the newly-released, soon-to-be-a-NY-Times-bestseller Awkward Family Pet Photos book. So we’re giving away a copy, to be signed with whatever inscription you like.

How to Enter

Leave a comment telling which of the following awkward family pet photos from is your fave:

1. Possum – The New White Meat

Possum: the new white meat

2: TGTF (Thank goodness they’re floofy):
nude cat photo

3. White Fro Guy:

white fro guy with cat

4. Laser Cat –
He comes by his laser beam eyes honestly:
laser cat awkward

5. Rockin’ Out Coon

rocking chair raccoon

6. Suzy Homemaker

kitten at sink awkward family pet photos

24 thoughts on “And the WINNER of Awkward Family Pet Photos is….

  1. I love the rockin’ raccoon – so adorable. As for the most awkward, that would have to be #2, which now needs to be bleached from my brain. This book looks hilarious – conCATulations to your meowmy Karen, Skeezix!!

  2. Dear Laura and the Crew:

    I’m so happy to hear that Sagan isn’t lost-lost. I wuz reely werried about him, esp. when I herd you got snow. I’m keeping my paws crossed that he’ll git his butt in the house reel soon!


  3. Dear Skeezix,I thought i would write and update you on Sagan,my lost kitty.Well it seems Sagan isn’t really lost,he is right outside having a ball running after the leaves as they fall off the trees.Sagan is very smart,even with his favorite food in the have a heart trap,he will not go in.Sagan sits next to the trap,reaches in with his paw,grabs the food out of the trap and eats.I do think he believes it is a game! Late last week Sagan started to finally come into our mud room,which is right outside our living room.We are hoping that Sagan will work his way in before it gets any colder,last night it was 23 degrees.So far he has experienced hurricane Irene,a Tropical storm which lasted for days,and just last week a snow storm which dumped 12 inches on our door step.Sagan looks healthy,and no worse for the wear.I will keep you updated,Thanks,the Crew

  4. Don’t know about a fave, but the most awkward has got to be #2. But we can’t figure out why anyone would want that photo printed in a book. And now it’s on the internet. Glad they’re not related to Jan. We’d have to disown her.

  5. We don’t understand why the title includes the word, “awkward”…don’t everyone’s family photos look like these? We are absolutely elated that someone has published an entire book of these gems. Our favorite is the first one with the cute white “kitty”. We think the “kitty” looks very proud to be included in the family photo.

  6. We like number two with the naked folk and their cats. That’s so creepy… I mean–eww there is naked skin for those poor cats.

  7. Hee hee!
    My fave is #1- I think the possum is whispering something in that little boy’s ear.

    We want to see Karen’s picture!

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