20 Pics Prove that Cats and Pigs Were Destined to be BFFs

I have zero doubt that if I convinced hubby to let me adopt a micro pig, the demonic duo would fall in love. Homer’s already BFF with a skunk (though he hasn’t been “initiated” quite yet). I can see the three of them on the kitchen setee, playing thundering herd of elephants up the stairs and up and down the long upstairs hallway, curled up on the couch bingeing Sherlock with us. A pig would complete them. I have incontrovertible evidence that cats and pigs are purrfect for each other, in the form of 20 photographs depicting same. I’ll be taking orders for piggies when you get to the end of the post.


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  1. D’awww! Cats are lovable creatures, to hoomins and all other creatures! We just have thumbs to open those damned cat food cans…

  2. Ellen Pilch says:

    That is so sweet 🙂


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