Good News Tewsday: Baseball is Going to the Cats… and Their Cat Guys

As is often the case with Sphynx cats, it can take some time for people to warm up to them.

“At first, everyone’s kind of super-standoffish. But I tell everyone, ‘You hang out with that cat for a day, you’ll want one,’” Bird said. “You won’t get one like him, but you’ll want one.”

“Not exactly,” said Tyler Wade, the Yankees shortstop. He refuses to touch Mr Delicious. But Wade concedes that Mr. Delicious has an amazing personality.

“It’s kind of like a dog, to be honest with you,” Wade said. (We’re pretty sure Wade meant that in a good way.) “He runs around, he’s hyper, it’s insane. It’s weird, man. It’s not a cat. It kind of scares me, still. It’s a cool cat, cool to hang out with. But it’s a dog.”

Matt and Cat Latos

Mat and Cat Latos

“They’re in our division, too,” Bird said of Latos and Duffy. “Maybe we can have a little cat party.”


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  1. Andy says:

    Cat dads are awesome. It’s nice to see these baseball players are such sweet and gentle cat dads.


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