Good News Tewsday: Fire Cat Do-Over Rescue

The fires have produced too many heart-wrenching stories, so it’s a gift finding a few happy-ending tales that have come out of the devastation. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the things I’m most concerned about when having to make a 3-minute evacuation is being able to find all four of our cats and get them into carriers. They have hidey holes throughout the house, and if spooked, they might retreat to a spot that’s inaccessible. That’s what happened when Drew Olin’s parents were forced to evacuate from their Sonoma home as the Nuns fire approached their neighborhood.  They couldn’t find Golden, their 15-year-old ginger, and had to leave without him. On Saturday, their son Drew and his wife hiked up still-smoldering Lovall Valley Road to fetch Golden. Locating the cat was easy. He was hiding under his home’s deck, spooked by the sounds of emergency fire crews. Extricating him took about an hour. Drew was able to grab him, but when Drew’s wife Fernanda opened the carrier, Golden said “NFW!” and bolted. Flames were still lapping parts of the neighborhood. The Olin’s second attempt at capturing Golden was looking good until  a helicopter dumped a tsunami of water next to them to douse a hotspot. “We gave it a solid effort that day, and I wish I could’ve done more, but it was no longer a safe space,” Drew said. Fortunately, the story didn’t end there. The Olins hiked back up the hill Sunday to try again.  “The minute we walked back up there, the cat was meowing and walked right up to us,” Drew said. “ I don’t know how to read cat feelings so well, but as I walked up it I got a very happy feeling from Golden.” Did Drew get a happy feeling from his parents?  “My stepfather was thrilled the house was standing and existing, and very happy the cat was alive and well,” he said. “And my mother? She was overjoyed the cat was alive and well — and happy the house was standing.”

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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    I am glad they were able to rescue him.

  2. It’s too heart-rending to think of the poor animals and their humans who’ve been separated by the fires. Thank goodness that Golden was safe!

  3. KesterGayle says:

    I do glad Golden is safe and back with his family. Wonderful news!


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