Good News Tewsday: Grand Rapids Gets Cat Yoga … and Soon, a Cat Cafe!

This Sunday in Grand Rapids, the Happy Cat Cafe is hosting a pawpular cat yoga class. Soon, the entire cafe will be open, too.

Happy Cat Cafe will be half gourmet coffee-shop, half cat adoption center. You’ll purchase a specialty coffee and bakery item and maybe pull out a good book (or a newspaper, so a cat can plop down on any article you try to read), and relax while a cat cuddles up on your lap. The best part is, if you meet your new best friend, you will be able to adopt him or her from a local non-profit shelter partner.

The cafe is founded by Kati Palmurkar, who was born and raised in Grand Rapids. She admits to being a crazy cat lady. Her husband, who started his own IT company, is a partner in the business.

They had hoped to open last Fall, but there were a few bumps in the road… finding the purrfect location, getting permits, convincing the Health Department that cats were not a health hazard, and getting enough funding to fulfill the dream.

You can get a sneak peek this Sunday, when they offer a Cat Yoga class. Sign up here.

So, the Happy Cat Cafe is only open for events right now while they finish the build of the kitchen. They are attempting to get a loan, sell merchandise, and throw events to fund the rest of the build-out. You can follow their progress on Facebook.

Their Kickstarter campaign raised $26,821 to help bring this project to life.

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