Good News Tewsday: Wee Kitten Rescued from Golden Gate Bridge

A ginger and white kitten was rescued from the median of the Golden Gate Bridge by a pair of kindly California Highway Patrol officers last week. Shortly, he’ll be up for adoption.

I used to cross the Golden Gate Bridge daily (I even walked in the middle of the roadway in 1987 for the 50th anniversary bash, and I cannot begin to fathom how this kitten survived his misadventure (most likely, I’m guessing, having been dumped mid-span; there are no homes from which he would wander for miles either direction.) The bridge is nearly always packed with cars, and when it’s not busy, drivers zoom across it, including me, who once got a speeding ticket shortly after my crossing.

The kitty, now named Bridges (I would have named him Nash Bridges, but that’s just me), was spotted by a passing motorist on the Golden Gate Bridge midafternoon. Highway Patrol officers were not successful in their first pass looking for the kittten, but scored on their second attempt.

“They saw a little furry head popping out from inside of the movable median barrier that separates the northbound and southbound lanes,” a CHP spokesperson reported.

The officers captured the kitten and took him to a veterinarian in Corte Madera. He got an exam and a bath for free (thank you, VCA!), according to CHP officials.

The vet estimates that he’s 8 to 10 weeks old. He’s about to have a microchip implanted and receive medical care at the Marin Humane animal shelter in Novato, after which he will be put up for adoption.

Bridges spent the weekend as a houseguest of one of his rescuers, Officer Matt Smith.

“Ask anyone in our office, standing in the middle of the freeway for any period of time with cars whizzing by you is terrifying,” the CHP said in a statement. “Bridges found safe places to hide though, and spent much of his time in the Smith household hiding inside of one of Matt’s shoes.”

Marin Humane is the shelter from which we adopted Banzai, and some of the proceeds of a book for which Banzai wrote a chapter–Rescued Volume 2: The Healing Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes–benefits Marin Humane (and eleven other rescues). Please buy it and help feline rescues!

Skeezix asked me to tack on an addendum:  a couple of months ago, a vishus deer was rescued from the Golden Gate Bridge. DO YOU THINK HE WAS LOOKING FOR TENDER YUNG JOOSY CATS TO EAT????? DO YOU????

I think we need to lobby to see if a vishus deer conspiracy is in place.

Then, thank Officers Matt Smith and Trevor Heygrend for the brains and brawn required to save this little fluffball!

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  1. What a sweet kitten! Glad he was rescued, and will no doubt find his furrever home lickety-split!

    • What a tiny fellow, with the heart and bravery of a lion! Thank the person who alerted the Highway Patrol, and kudos to the two officers!

      That little charmer will be adopted in no time.


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