Good News Tewsday: The Lynx Kits are Back!

Remember when Alaskan photographer Tim Newton was visited by a Lynx and her 7 kittens last month? THEY’RE BAAAACK!

This week, Newton’s wife Cathy heard some weird thunks and knocking outside that she attributed to maybe an owl or a woodpecker. When she decided to investigate, she was delighted to discover that the Lynx family was back!

She called her husband with the news and rushed downstairs to film them with her phone. It was hard to capture all the action as the cats rushed about, she said.

“They were so busy, and running everywhere,” she said. “Out to the lawn, back on the deck. Two of them were fight playing and one knocked the other off the deck. Mom rushed over to look through the railing to make sure baby was alright. Then, here comes baby, flying up onto the railing from below!”

Take note of all the pawprints in the dusting of snow on the deck…these kittehs were busy! They’d give Reno and Homer a run for their money!

You can see all of the Newtons’ lynx and wildlife vids on their Rugged Alaska youtube channel.

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