Good News Tewsday: Mellow Found 6 Years Later

This Good News Tewsday story happened right in our own backyard! A sweet, friendly tabby name Mellow will be traveling from California to Georgia this weekend to be reunited with his family, who he lost six years ago.

Yep, you read that right. SIX years ago

The Thomas family was stationed in the Bay Area in 2011. Shortly after they moved in, Mellow escaped. They spent months looking for him, posting ads, and even after their short term lease in Hayward was up and they moved to San Leandro in January 2012, they never gave up. They kept looking, driving around the area in hopes they would spot him.

The cat remaining at home who was bonded to Mellow since they were 8 weeks old, fell into a depressive slump. The entire family was heartbroken.

They had to move to Georgia from California in 2015. Their only hope was that his microchip might reunite them.

And it did.

This week she got the call from Petra Stojka, a cat lover who found Mellow hanging out around her apartment complex. They both erupted in happy tears as Mellow’s mom shared Mellow stories with the angel who found him.

Mellow will be flying to Georgia this weekend to be reunited with his family. A GoFundMe campaign raised the funds for transport.

Even if your cats are indoor-only, a microchip gives them a chance of being identified and reunited with you if they slip out the door and go missing. Just last night, we discovered that Banzai has discovered a way to open the screen door on one of our sliders and set our feline household free. (Still mystified as to the mechanics of how he accomplished this.) After a mad scramble that left me reaching for the Ativan, we corraled everyone. But if we hadn’t, their chips would offer a glimmer of hope that they weren’t gone for good.

Let’s hear a round of appaws for Petra, who went the extra mile to make the Thomas family whole again.

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  1. Johnny says:

    This. Is. Amazing!! I’m so glad to hear this

  2. Linda says:

    They have talented little paws. I have one who opens doors in my house every day. Thankfully only interior doors.

  3. GREAT news! So glad that Mellow and his humans have been reunited. Hope some new screen “savers” get put up before Banzai becomes a hooligan!

    • Scout Mango says:

      Hooray that Mellow got found! I, Mango have a Microchip and so does Willow but Aspen and Tigger and Ginger Jack aka Pumpkin is not yet microchipped but he is our Resident Hooligan!!


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