Good News Tewsday: Missing Squishy Cat Found 80 Miles Away

Squishy the Cat is back in his Lathrop, CA home after being found 80 miles away in San Francisco a month after he’d gone missing.

San Francisco SPCA volunteers doing some TNR of local ferals discovered Squishy, who impressed them as being unusually friendly. When scanned for a chip, they discovered he was 80 miles from his home in Lathrop. His owner, Savannah was thrilled to get the call that he’d been found, dropped everything and drove straight to SF to pick him up.

We asked Squishy how he ended up in San Francisco:

“Lathrop is SO BORING you hafta go to Manteeka if you wanna have fun, and Manteeka suks. I wunted to vizit Max the Feline Life Coach and watch a Dr Hoo marathon, but they liv 77 miles away, and thare’s no direkt buss serviss frum Lathrop to his howse. Then I herd abowt a place called Sanfransisko and I wuz sold. FINELY! Sum kulture and fun stuff to do! Good berritos, stylish man-peeple singing show toonz, and thoze Fisherman’s Worf dumpsters! I must say, tho, that the avakado toast that everywun heer eats is overrated. It’s like snot on a shingle.”

If your cat isn’t microchipped, you couldn’t give him a better Christmas present than the shot between the shoulder blades that will ensure that no matter how far he wanders or how long he’s gone, if he’s scanned you will be reunited. A chip, a bell, and a tag provide the belt-and-suspenders solution to finding a lost cat and bringing him home.

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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    Nice story, I am glad he was rescued.

  2. Yes, one cannot go wrong by having a microchip put in! And, I’ve got to agree with Squish about avocado toast…bleh…

  3. Bocce Tabby says:

    Snot on a shingle. *snort*


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