Good News Tewsday: Percy’s Survival Miracle


Percy is a truck-drivin’ tabby based in the Midwest. This week he became something of a Facebook star when his dad, Paul Robertson, described Percy’s most recent adventure.

Robertson, a St. Paul truck driver, was sleeping off a nasty case of food poisoning in his truck, parked at a truck stop in Eaton, Ohio. When he awoke, he discovered that the electric window near Percy’s perch was wide open, and Percy was nowhere to be found.

At least once before, Percy had managed to pop open the electric window control. But this time, Robertson was unsuccessful in finding the escaped cat.

“I’ve been searching this rest area now ever since, calling his name and rattling his dry food bag,” Robertson wrote on Facebook. “Nothing. I have no idea when he got out. He could be miles away. And there’s a storm coming. And I’m still weak and nauseous. So I’m resting a bit before I go out looking again.

“This is why this day can bite me,” he said. “I feel awful.”

Trying to harness the power of social media, Robertson posted a map of his location on Facebook and solicited help and support in the search. One person even started a GoFundMe crowdsourcing campaign to raise money.

“Thanks for all the good love and good tips everyone,” Robertson wrote. “You are awesome.”

But Percy never turned up. The weather began to deteriorate.

“Cold, windy, snow starting to blow sideways,” Robertson wrote. “Percy hates weather like this. I wish he’d come back. 2 hrs 15 min til I go.”

The next morning, Robertson was forced to get back on the road without Percy.

“I’ve had to leave without him,” he said. “I feel like the worst cat dad ever.”

The next 400 miles of driving sucked. Snow and rain hampered visibility, and “crappy old dirt roads (with) potholes, puddles, you name it” made it even worse.

At one of his stops, while trudging through the darkness, he turned from a shed to the truck and got the surprise of his life: Percy emerged from beneath the truck!

“He was cold and miserable and a bit wide-eyed,” the trucker said. “He stinks like 400 miles of bad road and old truck … but somehow this amazing animal rode with me all day today hanging onto the undercarriage! Those of you who said ‘He probably hasn’t gone far’ were definitely right. Those of you who said he’d come back home, you were right too! Last night when I was searching with Marc in the rain he was probably snug under the truck the whole time!! He just didn’t want to come out when I searched there just about every hour. The little creep!!

“But I don’t care. I scooped him up and we were soon back together in the truck, cuddling and hugging and purring and happy as can be. He’s now sitting in the driver’s seat, probably warm for the first time in 40 hours, belly full, snoozing peacefully. Although he reeks like an old tire I haven’t the heart to bathe him right now. Let the poor guy rest.”

Percy is expected to be washing off road grime for the next three weeks.

[THANKS to Mousebreather Angie for sending us Percy’s story!]

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  1. Now that is a story with a happy ending. So glad Percy was found! Can imagine it broke the guy’s heart to have to pull out without Percy, not knowing if he’d ever see his cat again.

  2. Aw, we are so glad Percy is safe and re-united with his human. Hope he enjoys his bath when he gets home!!


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