Good News Tewsday: Thomas Jefferson’s Bad Day


Thomas Jefferson had a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day.

The day started off well enough, with his usual breakfast of Fancy Feast sliced turkey in gravy. But it was downhill from there.

Way downhill.

He was up doing his usual exploring and defense of the perimeter of his house from the roof, 3 stories above the ground. Then he saw that Persian next door who he’s had his eye on since forever, and he lost his footing and fell to the ground, into a drain pipe.

The end of the drain pipe had been crushed, leaving TJ no means of escape. All he could do 2as yell for help.

Which he did for about seven hours.

But we promised you good news, and here it is…

A neighbor had heard him in the morning, but didn’t think much about it. But that afternoon when he returned and the cat was still yowling, he called for help.good-news-thomas-jefferson

Some handsome burly firefighters from the Nashville Fire Dept. promptly arrived on the scene and worked to free TJ from his predicament. In short order, Thomas Jefferson was extricated.

He was reunited with his purrson, Watkins College President Joseph “J.” Kline.

Kline asked TJ “What were you thinking?”

“With God as my witness, I’m never touching water again,” TJ replied. “Got some treats?”





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  1. Riley says:

    Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson and the handsome and helpful firefighter heroes who rescued him!!!

    Today was a good day for some good news 🙂

    Our cat, Ellie, endured a nightmare drain adventure in April, and ended up with chemical burns all over her body from being stuck in a puddle of tar water at the bottom of the castle drain for 15 hours before we found her and then sawed her out in the middle of the night. So all her fur and outer layers of skin fell off, which left her impersonating a roast chicken for a few months, and she had to be fed by hand for about a month, smeared with ointments several times a day, and given antibiotics for the infections that kept coming at her in her skin and her lungs, etc., but amazingly, shockingly, thrillingly, she has completely recovered and is back to her beautiful, playful, happy self again. And we have gone around the farm/castle and made all the drains as kitty-proof as possible so that will hopefully never happen to anybody else again.

    She was the most thankful cat the vet had ever seen and even though she was obviously in a ton of hurt, she just whimpered and let us do whatever we needed to do to her.

    I had no idea drains were such evil kitty-traps!

    BTW if anybody’s cat is ever covered in tar or other icky things, you should use cooking oil to clean them off. The emergency vet I called here in Sweden told us to use turpentine which only made matters worse for Ellie, but we didn’t find out about the cooking oil until I looked to see what an American vet would have done.


  2. Wow, We are happy for TJ and for Ellie! Those firefighters do so many animal rescues around the country. Kudos to them! Eeeks, turpentine stings and smells. So glad the vegetable oil worked!

    Kitties should stay inside to be really safe.

  3. Riley says:

    Thanks, Karen! 🙂

    And Patricia, I know, guilt, guilt, guilt, ugh. We always kept all of our cats inside, but when my husband got a job as a caretaker out in the middle of nowhere in such a safe place, it seemed like it would be nice for them to go play in the garden if they wanted to. Half of them do and half don’t. All eight are rescues, and I think some of them are just too thankful to be inside finally to ever go out again, and the others trust that we’ll let them back inside again and again, sometimes several times an hour, haha. Plus we work at home so we’re always around to keep an eye on them, but Ellie has a very adventurous streak and likes to push the boundaries. She’s the kitty equivalent of “Hey Y’all, watch this…” She’s just as crazy inside the house too, but hopefully she’ll calm down a bit as she gets older. She’s about 2 now.



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