Good News Tewsday: Treed Tasha is Freed

tasha-and-evaTasha spent eleven days in a tree without food or water.

The three-year-old Akron calico put the tree between herself and a randy tomcat, but having not mastered tree descent, in the tree she stayed.

Her owner, 85-year-old Eva Schulze, tried to lure her down with stinky goodness, but Tasha remained in the boughs of the 40-foot maple. Eva thought better of climbing the tree herself to rescue the cat.

Fortunately, Eva and Tasha caught the attention of WGAL-TV’s Susan Shapiro, who came with a crew to film their plight. Bryan Weaver, owner of Climb High Tree Service in Lebanon saw the spot and contacted Eva.

Armed with a rope and a bag, he climbed up to Tasha. It wasn’t easy–she was scared and not too friendly–but he got her into the bag, and into Eva’s waiting arms.

Eva and Tasha are back to their old routines. Check out the photo of the pair–Tasha has the cutest little white toes!

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