Good News Tewsday: Vets Get Assisted Feline Therapy

cat-therapyGood News! Veterans in the Tucson AZ area are being purrvided with feline assisted therapy, courtesy of the “Meows for Military” program offered by The Hermitage, a no-kill shelter. Every Thursday, residents of the Community Living Center of the VA hospital get a chance to bond with the cats.

Not many Mousebreath readers  would be surprised to learn that experts say there’s a growing body of research that shows pet therapy helps people recover and cope with various physical and mental health issues.

“This is a great program and the veterans look forward to the kitty visits,” Scott Stryzewski, Recreational Therapist for SAVHACS stated in a press release.  “The residents enjoy one-on-one time with the cats and it gives them a sense of peace, unconditional love and affection.”

“Meows for Military” has logged 207 veteran visits, 40 program hours and showcased 7 different feline ambassadors.

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  1. Great uplifting news! It’s a shame they no longer allow pets aboard Navy ships!


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