Good News Tewsday: Wee Ginger Kitten Extricated from Tesla Bumper

Usually, when you own a high purrformance auto, the engine purrs like a kitten. But not a Tesla. In a Tesla you get nuthin in the way of engine noise. Which is why one Tesla Model X owner was befuddled by kitty sounds inside his car.

He was able to identify the locus of the sound: his rear bumper. But then what? (He was not a cat owner, so it wasn’t one of his pets.)

Well, Elon’s guys took apart the bumper and rescued the tiny kitten (who looks to be about six weeks old). Demonstrating their superb customer service, one of the Tesla guys who helped extricate the kitty jumped at the chance to adopt him. Happy ending.

And we’ve got video!

The Discovery:

The Rescue:

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