Got the Itch to Stitch? 5 Fun Feline Fabrics For You!

Spoonflower is THE place to go if you’re a quilter or seamstress. And it’s great fun strolling through the site. You miss out on the fabric store smell, but you can find exactly what you want–or you can design your own! They offer a bunch of different fabric types in every pattern, and quilters can buy fat quarters. Click on any of the thumbnails below for product info.

Space Cats:

Donut Cats:

This next one is labeled “Moody Cubist Cats,” and I restrained the art historian within me from sending an email to its designer explaining what cubism is and suggesting alternate names:

This next one, however, is PURRfectly named: Cat Butts:

Got a project that calls for hipster cats? (me, neither….) It comes with a number of different hipster color backgrounds:

In addition to fabric, you can buy wallpaper* and gift wrap in these designs. If you’re artsy, you can design your own fabrics at Spoonflower.



* On the spur of the moment, wallpaper can sound like a great idea, but I spent MONTHS two years ago removing 60s-era wallpaper, then refinishing and painting the walls. Huge pain in the asterisk. So try to resist that urge… sew some drapes for that room instead.

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  1. OH! These fabrics are wonderful! I’m going to order some swatches…thanks!


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