Holistic Select: Nomilicious Cat Food for Digestive Health

holistic select cat food

Kittehs, would you believe me if I told you that a healthy cat food existed that was good for you AND nomilicious?

Banzai, Buckaroo and Tripper recently had the opportunity to try out the Holistic Select line of cat food. It's a natural cat food that offers a complete digestive balance system so that the nutrients you eat are fully utilized by your body. 

Holistic Select delivers guaranteed levels of:

  • Digestive enzymes and botanicals to help break down food and aid digestion so that its nutrients take the scenic route through your body instead of the express lane to your pooper
  • Prebiotics to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gutz
  • Probiotics to increase the absorption of vital nutrients and prevent free radicals from entering the bloodstream. (And no, free radicals are not a bunch of Berkeley hippies. Free radicals are a natural by-product of metabolism that tend to be produced in high amounts when the cat is sick, a geezer, or a victim of poor nutrition. Free radicals steal electrons from cell membranes, proteins, and DNA.)
  • Natural fiber for better pooper health, so you don't 1) spend so much time in the litter box gritting your teeth and praying for action down there, or 2) embarrass yourself with a bad case of the squirts.


Cat Lovers, if there's a geezer cat in your household, you are keenly aware of the need for nutritious cat food that is fully utilized by the body. It's hard enough to get an older cat to eat, but your efforts can be futile if the food he eats does not offer complete digestive balance.

And, if you want your cats to live long pampered lives so that they can grow up to be geezers, they need to be fed high quality food from the time they are kittens. 

Holistic Select fits the bill as a high-quality delectable delight that will appeal to your cat's taste buds and leave you assured that you're taking the right steps to ensure your cat's whole-body health — a program that includes exercise, a toxin-free and stress-free environment, and lots of quality time together.

But don't just take my word for it. Buckaroo, Banzai and Tripper give it three paws up. Their fave? I think the Grain-free Chicken Paté. It looked so good I was tempted to sneak some onto a water cracker and try it myself.

Use Holistic Select's Store Locator to find a store in your area that carries it.

holistic select cat food is banzai's favorite!

THE FINE PRINT: Holistic Select provided the sample food used in this review. Mousebreath respects its readers and will not publish reviews of products our cats don't LOVE. Mousebreath was compensated by Holistic Select for this review.


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  1. BuddahFan says:

    I'm going to have to try this. Wish it wuz available more places!


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