IKEA Offers Umlaut-Free Line of Cat Furniture

IKEA has always been feline-friendly, either actively–in the case of their cat curtains–or passively, in the case of the numerous IKEA-hacks-for-cat-furniture sites They’ve taken it one step further with their new Lurvig line of pet products. The little black cubbies above are only $5.99 each. (The shamrock-green cushions, also available in white, are another $5.) They can be a stand-alone hidey hole,  or they can slide into a KALLAX shelf unit.


  Other furniture includes a cat bed on legs (above), or mod cat beds (below):




  They have a bunch of other stuff, like scratchers, bowls and blankets. Bargain of the day: a sturdy breakaway cat collar for just $1.99. Assembly is not included, so Fluffy may need to call TaskRabbit for help. All products are certified umlaut-free. CLICK HERE to shop.

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  1. OH, these are just darling! Looks like a trip to Ikea is needed, because The Hubby needs to eyeball these in person…then he’ll pull out his wallet.


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