Insanely Fugly Cat Sweater: $4500

I’m no fashion plate, as anyone who knows me can attest. But isn’t it just a little bit insane to pay $4500 for the fugliest cat sweater EVER? And never mind the stripes and plaid: didn’t your mom ever caution you about wearing cats and dogs in the same ensemble?


Nope, she doesn’t look too happy with her fashion choice.


Or maybe she’s just sad that she spent $4500 on the sweater, $3700 on the plaid dog skirt, $4500 on the snakeskin bag, $90 on the tights, $2650 on the cuff bracelet, $970 on the dangerously dangle-ly earrings, $2650 on the gold cuff bracelet, and just under $2000 for the assorted rings. No word on the price of the stylin’ footwear. You can buy the whole ensemble at Gucci.


All of which makes the $1280 Stella McCartney dress look like a steal.


I do love the tabbies on this Dolce Gabbana handbag — one is putting the bitey on the bigger one just like Reno and Homer do. But at $2495, I’m gonna have to pass. That’s more than I make cat blogging in a week!

It comes with a “logoed dust bag.” I always wanted a logoed dust bag.


Charlotte Olympia offers a cat purse that’s a mere $1025!

It’s kinda cute, but since it does NOT come with a logoed dust bag, I’m gonna have to pass.

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  1. Summer says:

    My human says she likes the stockings.

  2. Patricia Sullivan says:

    The Cat Scout handbag and shoes are SO MUCH MORE stylish!!

  3. Mary McNeil says:

    Wow ! That’s the way our Mothers dressed us when we were in grade school in the ’50’s ! (I can’t link a picture, unfortunately, but trust me on this !)


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