Josie, Renn, Tucker, Cammie and Noah Speak


Today, we would like to introduce the cats from the I Have Three Cats blog. We know Josie, Renn, Tucker, Cammie and Noah add up to more than three cats, but, hey, cats are addictive – or should that be adorable? Actually, it is both.

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourselves and your human.

Josie: I am Josefina von Chubs, usually called Josie. I am a biggish white female with tabby patches and a tail (my human calls it “rat-like”, which is true, but not very nice) that is ringed and has a black stripe down the top. I‘m the oldest here.

Renn: I am Renfrew Foster, called Renn. I started out as a foster, as my name says. I am big and strong and muscular. Sorry, I shouldn’t be so boastful. I’m kind of timid. I have long hair that is white and black, though reddish in the light. I have very long and abundant whiskers. Sorry, I shouldn’t boast. Sorry.

Tucker: My name is Tucker, Tucker R. Poly. I am a white and dark tabbey. Im not the yungest (Renn is) but everyone treats me like the babby of the fambly. They think I talk like a babby. I can’t spell good.

Cammie: I am Princess Cammerouska Albigensia. I am referred to by the human as Cammie, which is acceptable from him, I suppose. He talks to the animals here using this sobriquet, however, and I wish he would cease. I am, as is obvious from my appearance, even to the dimmest of humans, a Siamese cat.

Noah: I’m a foster-cat! I’m one year old! I’m a brown and black tabby! I’m one year old!

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Funny Farmer Felines: How did you come to live together?

Josie: I was adopted from a rescue group; we all were. I was brought home by the human as company for our late top-cat, Tungsten. She didn’t like me, but she and I reached an understanding and became friendly, if not friends. I was living in a house of many, many cats as a foster. Then I was brought to my human’s home, and there was only one other cat. What a change. Even with four others here now, I have my own spots.

Renn: I was being fostered and though the people were nice, I bit one. I’m very very sorry about that. She was cutting my bum-hair. She came too close. I bit her. Sorry. They didn’t like me after that, so I came to stay with my human. Then he adopted me, and I stayed. So it worked out after all.

Tucker: I wet places I shoodnt. It was stresful. There was a new human born and I was nirvus, so I wet places. They didn’t want me but my human awffered to foster me. Then he figgerd I shood stay. Even tho I still wet places sometimes. I don’t get sent away for that anymore.

Cammie: I was treated with indignity and abuse in my old home. Some people were satisfactory but some were most decidedly not. A rescue-group was notified and I was removed from my unpleasant surroundings and brought to stay with my new human. I didn’t care for him, or for the animals he keeps. But I have grown to have some affection for the human. He treats me well, and pets me. He has never hurt me, though periodically he puts me in a cage and takes me to the doctor. This is regrettable behaviour, but not unforgiveable. I have learned to tolerate the animals here, but don’t expect me to be fond of them. Ever.

Noah: I was a stray! I went everywhere and anywhere! Woohoo! But I had trouble finding food! Now I have plenty of food and fresh water and toys and play and comfy places to sleep and other cats to run after! Sometimes they don’t even growl at me!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any nicknames?

Josie: My human calls me his ‘Chubs’ and ‘the Great White’, no doubt referring to my size. It is a bit embarrassing, and I have lost a little weight.

Renn: The human calls me his ‘big boy’, and I am a big boy. Sorry, I shouldn’t brag. He also says I’m his ‘scientist’. I like to study things, it’s true.

Tucker: Im the ‘roly poly’ one. I dont noe wat that means. Im also a ‘sausage’ I noe wat that means. It’s a taesty food. So I gess that’s good. Righte?

Cammie: I am referred to as the ‘princess’, which is only right, though properly I should be called ‘her serene highness’ – not ‘royal’ as my title is one of nobility, not royalty. My family’s position was mediatised during the Napoleonic era. Look it up, please. I don’t feel like explaining it.

Noah: I’m ‘the boy’! That’s because I’m just one year old!!

Funny Farmer Felines: Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Josie: We live in a house in a place called southern Alberta. It’s hot in the summer, but that means window are open, with screens, so we can sniff and hear all that’s outside. It’s cold in the winter, but that’s when the beds are warmed up. So it’s actually a rather nice place.

Renn: There is so much going on here. I like to study the outside, especially the back lawn. It’s shaded by trees and there are birds and even the occasional intruder cat. I wish I could talk to them and learn of the lands they come from. But I’d probably be too shy.

Tucker: There are carz and truks goin down ar street now an then. And peepl an dogs. I lov to sit on the cattree and look out, esppeshully at nighte. There ar houzes all round, and I think they go on furever.

Cammie: We live in a suburban style neighbourhood, though in fact the city in which we live (it is called Lethbridge) is not big enough to have genuine suburbs. The neighbourhoods often resemble suburbs nonetheless. The city is all rather new – well, new to a member of a family with ancient roots. It is quite middle class, if you ask me.

Noah: There are toys! And food! And I lie in the windows and look out! Oh, and at night, there are bugs!

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you like most?

Josie: I’m really too old to get into mischief. We are, in fact, all pretty easy going. Except for the new boy. I like to read. Whenever there is an open book – the bigger the better – I will lie near it and read. Tucker will pretend to read, but he can’t. If you watch, he moves his lips while looking at the pictures. But I humour him because he’s a nice cat.

Renn: I sometimes get trapped downstairs by Cammie or the boy. I could crush them both with one paw, but I would never do that. I just wait until they let me pass or until the human realises that I and someone else is missing. Then he comes to free me. Sigh.

Tucker: I like to pik on the noo boy somtimes. Not as much as I yoosed to but I like to show him whoos boss. Well, boss of him.

Cammie: I too enjoy tormenting the youth. I will cut him off when he tries to go in a certain direction. It is rather amusing, though most annoying that he doesn’t seem to learn a lesson from this activity, and will provoke me nonetheless.

Noah: I run after Renn! I get too close to Josie and make her yell! I run at Tucker! I follow Cammie! I fight the strings on the blinds! I knock down cups! I get on the counters! I get under the sink! I knock pens to the floor! I hide under the bedclothes! I tear the shower-curtain! I get behind the furniture! I try to get into closets! This place is great!!!

Funny Farmer Felines: You have been blogging since 2010. What prompted you to open a blog?

Josie: The way I understand it, the rescue-group the human works with suggested that he start a blog.

Renn: I think the human likes telling everyone about us. Sorry, that sounds boastful. Sorry.

Tucker: He tells peepl when I wet ware I shoodnt. That’s not nise.

Cammie: I feel that the human has done an adequate job of conveying the essence of each of us. Since I continue to be attractive and perform cute actions, he is not in danger of running out of material.

Noah: What’s a blog?! Can I play with it?!!

Funny Farmer Felines: We understand your dad volunteers with a group called PAW and he also fosters kitties. Could you tell us a little about what he does?

Josie: Initially, he volunteered, if I remember rightly: book sales, bake sales, barbeques, and the like. Then he suggested a newsletter. He puts one out every month (sometimes on the very last day of each month.) He likes doing that, as he gets to tell about adoptions, and events and things around town that affect cats.

Renn: I was one of the early fosters, I think. I was also the first one the human decided to keep. So far there’ve been three like that. It’s getting crowded.

Tucker: I wuz a foster, too, so I gess I cant complayn when he takes in cats like the noo boy. I don’t like him tho.

Cammie: The human has fostered about ten cats, I believe. He is also a graphic designer of some experience, so he produces the PAW Society’s posters and pamphlets. He enjoys doing that much more than his work, though they comprise the same activities.

Noah: I have PAWS!! Big ones! Four of ‘em!! I’m a foster-cat! Can I stay?!!

Josie: No!

Renn: No!

Tucker: No!

Cammie: Of course you cannot, you ridiculous child.

Noah: Who wants to play?!!

Funny Farmer Felines: Noah, Micah says he would love to play with you. Any time.

You can visit Josie, Renn, Tucker, Cammie and Noah at the I Have Three Cats blog.

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  1. Fuzzy Tales says:

    We loved this interview, we’ve been following them for quite a while now. Cammie cracks us up. (They all do, but especially Cammie.)

  2. Cat Scout Aspen (Brenda ) says:

    Hello! Well, yes, Our Moms had 3 cats too that became 4 cats. We are all 4 in Scouts! I suggest enrolling the youngest boy, New Boy, in Cat Scouts. If you fail to do this, in his exuberance, he might expire by hanging in Window Blinds. In other words, New Boy, Scouts will teach you manners, Dood! No, not Food, Dood, your a Boy, so boys are called Dudes, or, Doodz!

  3. Summer says:

    I really enjoyed meeting these kitties!

  4. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    a paws a paws a paws !!!!! we loved, loved loved thiz interview…..N tucker…dood…who new…ewe speek TROUT !!!!
    we iz buzzed happee de FFF posted thiz one…..thanx for sharin all yur storeez…..& cammie…R ewe ree lated ta dai$y purr chance ?


  5. Flynn says:

    Great interview! I really enjoyed it.

  6. Annabelle says:

    We love these cats and have followed them for sometime. Great interview!

  7. Ellen Pilch says:

    Great interview. It is always nice to learn more about kitty bloggers.

  8. We love all the wonderful cats at “I Have Three Cats”. Tungsten was wonderful too. Thank you so much for the fantastic interview!
    Marty and the Gang

  9. Timmy Tomcat says:

    Hey furends so glad to see you intermewed for this fine cat production.
    We know you all so getting to know you in a deeper sense was really exciting. I have a feeling Josie and Fitz would along with Tucker Buddy and the Trout towners. Possibly Renn could teach buddy some humility but that would be diffurcult for any dozen cats.
    Purrs all see you at your blog
    Timmy and Family

  10. great interview – we love that crew (and hope for everyone’s sake that Noah finds his forever family soon)


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