Katris Cat Tower: Limitless Play for Cats ‘n’ YOU!

katris cat tower scratcher In the last six months, hubs and I have been drowning immersed in home reno projects. Most recently, we moved living and family room furniture out of storage into our newly carpeted and painted downstairs. The leather furniture is immune from cat scratching, something at which I’ve always rather marveled. But the dark blue upholstered furniture seems to have “Scratch the living crap out of me” signs on it, visible only in the feline vision spectrum. And of course, it’s also a magnetic vortex for white cat hair. At a recent yard sale, we parted with our big cat towers that had seen better days, replacing them with a lovely tree I won in a Facebook giveaway from Molly and Friends. But since my boys prefer to scratch horizontal surfaces (like the top of the arms of the sofa), I wanted to provide them with additional scratching structures that would divert their attention from the siren call of the furniture. Our vibe is modern, and hubs is insistent that I steer clear of Crazy Cat Lady motifs. So, as I was pondering the “Catificationof our living spaces, I was contacted by Papercut Labs, asking if I’d like to review their modular Katris line of cat furniture. I could not respond YESYESYES fast enough. One day last week, the hubs reported that there were a bunch of boxes for me on the front porch. Katris had arrived! I excitedly brought them in and unpacked them, with Banzai providing much-needed snoopervision. katris-01(Let me just say: the boxes the Katris modules were packed in are the very best quality high-ply packing boxes I’ve ever encountered. You can stand on them and they won’t crumple. And honestly, Banzai and Buckaroo thought the boxes the Katrises were packed in were even better than the modules themselves.) Hubby was coming downstairs when he heard me unpacking, and he asked, “More cat crap from the interwebs?” (direct quote). Then he turned the corner, saw the partially-assembled Katris sculpture and said, “WOW! That’s not crap! What is that??” (direct quote). I explained that you could assemble it like Legos into any configuration imaginable. The architect within him elbowed me aside and took over. The cats played in the packing boxes while we played with the Katris modules. We favored a cantilevered Fallingwater-esque design. The stacked modules are stablized with snap-on plastic clips to keep them from shifting. Each module comes with a couple of clips and a dime bag of premium nip as an attractant. Buckaroo and Banzai didn’t need much attracting. They were all over it. Buckaroo especially liked using it as an observation perch, while Banzai preferred climbing to the top and leaping down on top of an unsuspecting Buckaroo. katris kat towerI placed a spool of twine on the top level, and Buckaroo and Banzai had a great time playing a multi-tiered string game. katris-twine-game The modules are made of high-quality compressed cardboard. Lest you think it’s the same stuff from which the typical horizontal cardboard scratcher is made, rest assured, it’s not. It’s heavyweight compressed board that I expect will withstand a lot of shredding. Once assembled, the structure is solid and heavy. Each module weighs about 9 lbs. katris cat tower We ultimately decided to position ours in an empty corner, which perfectly solved a decorating quandry and provided the Katris with a stable base that will withstand a whole lot of raucous play. Katrisis available through Amazon (and is Prime eligible). Follow Katris on Facebook to be notified of giveaways and other special deals!


  • Cats LOVE it, especially climbers
  • They loved the great boxes it’s shipped in even more
  • Lego-loving creative cat owners love building it
  • Infinite configuration pawsibilities
  • Sleek modern design doubles as sculpture
  • 5 shapes from which to choose
  • Replace or add on modules as you like


  • Not for supersized cats. At 8 inches, the modules are too narrow for Tripper, our 24-lb behemouth. Would love to see a version with 12-inch wide (or even wider!) modules. At about 14 lbs, Buckaroo is about as large a cat as would be comfortable on it.
  • A couple of the clips would not clip; they just slipped off.( We easily MacGyvered around it.)
  THE FINE PRINT: Papercut Lab provided Mousebreath with a 5-module Katris sample to review at no cost to Mousebreath. Our opinions are solely based upon our experience with the product, and we never recommend anything our cats don’t give the paws-up to. PAPERCUT LAB is a cutting–edge research institution solely focused on paper made products with a team full of dedicated individuals who work with paper every day. Their goal is to improve your quality of living with ANYTHING PAPER! 

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  1. Summer says:

    WOW! This sounds like a really awesome scratching set up!

  2. casper says:

    MOMMMMM! I want one!!!!!

  3. Fudgie says:

    Can one get a claw into that? I mean the structural bits? I’d like a scratcher that went up to the sky, or ceiling if inside, but it looks pretty shiny and hard. Durable. Which is not what I would like, although the little pest likely would. Maybe I could get that lazy human to wrap some rope in all the right places?

  4. Fudgie says:


    You are too fat to use it anyhow. I, on the other hand….


  5. Winken says:

    I’m seriously considering doing a full wall installation of Katris. They look so cool! We have kind of a zen vibe in our house, and I think this fits in perfectly!

  6. Mousebreath Magazine says:

    Fudgie, it is only shiny and hard on the borders. The walls, both inside and out, are made of corrugated scratching material, and both Buckaroo and Banzai were able to get some industrial strength scratching in. If you prefer scratchin on sisal (but try the cardboard first!), you might be able to get your mom to wrap one of the walls in sisal… that’s easily enough done. Good luck!

  7. casper says:

    I just got my mom to order one!!!!! Thanks Mousebreath!!!!!

  8. Deirdra D says:

    I’m worried about having something like this shedding cardboard and catnip all of the house. What’s yr experience so far?

    • Mousebreath Magazine says:

      We experienced very little shedding of the cardboard– they scratched it quite a lot, but it didn’t disintegrate like lesser scratchers do. It did leave catnip on the carpet, so house cleaners may have to be digilaent. I am going to switch to a catnip spray. Or supervine, which will seep into the cardboard’s interstices.

  9. ellenr says:

    I love being freed from the blue-carpet-wrapped fugly towers you see in Petsmart. Katris is certainly a step in the right direction. I am seriously considering buying them — no one will believe they’re a cat tower!


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