Kids and flat pets make blankets and dog houses for shelters

purina shelter benefit

Today, me an my Flat Cat friends wint to a “Together We Can” event at Purina Farms ware we got to make blankets and bild doghouses for shelter animals.

Thare were a gazillion yung kids thare who lernt that you should give bak insted of thinking of yerself all the time. The kids had a good time but they did a lot of good, too.

We didn’t do the painting or the blankie-making things, but we did put together sum adopshun bags to go to a local shelter:

Purina Shelter EventWe put lots of goodies into the bag, including Purina food, treats, a byootiful food mat and other stuff. Then we got to rite a note to the cat hoo gits the bag. Wow, that wuz a grate idea, Purina One!

Thare were also kittins and puppies up for adopshun. I almost got a new sister cuz the Food Lady can’t say no that way. Some of them played and played with me thru the prizon cage. I thot it wuz sad they were in cages. I hope they git furever homes and don’t end up at the sausage faktery.

DISCLOSURE: Purina covered all travel, food, lodging and incidental expenses for the trip to Checkerboard Square and Purina Farms — except for the 80¢ we lost playing the penny slots in the casino next to the hotel. There was no requirement that we write about the trip. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Dood! I see Flat Tripper went, too! What a worthwhile Caturday you had!

  2. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    You are all pawsome! Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. what a fun trip – and we love to see kids learning to give back


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