Kit-Tea Teatime!

I’m more of a coffee drinker, but I absolutely love teapots that do double duty as works of art. Even better if they’re catified!

Here are a few that could almost convince me to forsake lattes for Earl Grey:

This Chester the Cat Teapot is $23.09

This colorful and cheery Romero Britto cat teapot is….. pricey.

This wacky fat cat pot-n-teacup set is about $59


$37 for this hand-painted Milson & Louis cat teapot:

$50 for a Laurel Burch Teapot/Mug set:


A Laurel Burch two-fer teapot, about $55:


Black cats on baby blue $24


Not a pot, but a tea mug with built-in infuser:




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  1. Love these, but the tea cup is ACES! I’m going to order a couple for a friend for an upcoming b’day!

  2. Time for the coffee pot folks to step up and get with it! These are totally terrific!

  3. Oooh love this, especially the first and last. I wonder if the infuser works on nip?!
    Toodle pips and purrs


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