Kitten to be a New Police Recruit

The Troy, Michigan Police Dept. is recruiting kittens for its first-ever ‘Feline Unit’

Five kittens and one adult cat are in contention to be what TPD says will be the first-ever police cat in its new Feline Unit. The winner of this pawsition will be selected today.

It all began on March 6th, when Troy police promised to adopt a cat if they reached 10,000 Twitter followers by April. Hashtag #WeWantAPoliceCat began trending and a flurry memes proliferated. It took less than two weeks for the department to exceed its goal.

Sgt. Meghan Lehman, the woman behind the department’s Twitter account, says the project has been a huge success. She’s allergic to cats, but is thrilled by the response.

“It’s about community outreach and connecting with people and showing them we’re human, too.”

The vetting process is coming down to sociability and energy levels. The five kittens and cat ventured out of their crate and into the arms and laps of officers and media. One kitten was nicknamed Lipstick after rubbing on a reporter’s face, and became a crowd favorite.

The chosen feline will not occupy the department full-time, but will be in the care of department dispatcher Katie, who will be making the spokescat selection.

“I’m looking for one that is personable, doesn’t mind being picked up,” Katie says. “I have two other cats so he/she will have friends.”

The TPD says it will turn to Troy Public School students to choose the winner’s name via a poll on social media.

The losers will win homes through adoption in three weeks through the Westland Michigan Humane Society.

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  1. Maybe the kitten/cat will be an advocate for better police behavior~!! Great idea.

  2. Nancy Vehrs says:

    The last paragraph refers to “losers.” There are no losers here; all are winners!


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