Kittens Take Over Puppy Bowl!

The Superbowl is no longer going to the dogs. This year, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl on Superbowl Sunday is being replaced by the Kitten Bowl. In the past two years, the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl packed in the fans around a faux football field. Both the kitties and the puppies in the events are recorded (and strongly edited) in advance by their respective channels then broadcast on game day, Feb. 4. A Hissman Trophy is awarded to the Kitten Bowl winners. The kitties play in their own miniature stadium with goal posts entwined for climbing and footballs bouncing from strings. “Puppies do adorable things but kittens will literally do flips to catch those balls,” said Pam Slay, senior vice president at Crown Media, the owner of the Hallmark Channel. Slay said the 100 kittens participating in the broadcast are all available and will be adopted as they have in the previous years. The event also coincides with game-day parties at 500 shelters across the country, Slay said. The primary message of the broadcast is: ADOPT and save millions of companion animals from euthanasia.


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  1. Yes that’s brilliant news.

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    I cut the cord so to speak, with Comcast and now I have antenna TV instead. I have one regret…that I can no longer see the hallmark channel and these precious babies playing football. I LOVE the Referees too!

  3. Yep, we are in the same boat as Katie Isabella…no cable anymore. Guess I could film Manny and CB wrestle, and that’s a Kitty Bowl!


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