Kitty Puts the Skids on a.m. Rush Hour in NY

Cats seeking a more adventurous life might look to a torbie in New York for inspiration. The daredevil feline found her way onto the train tracks at the Rockaway Ave. station in Bedford Sty. She timed it well: the rescue operation commenced at 7:30 am, and took about a half hour. Morning commuters on the line experienced significant delays. C trains were forced to run express from Broadway Junction to Utica Avenue. Regular service resumed after 8 am.You can watch a video of the rescue here.

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  1. What the heck happened to the cat? No one appeared to have a carrier or box, so they just dumped it back out on the street? Poor kitty.

  2. The rescuers meant well, but holding the kitty like that?! Sheesh, I would have jumped back onto the tracks. Why didn’t they put him in the bag?


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