Lights (and Cat Cups) Out!

We had our power shut off three times last month due to the wildfire danger in California.

It sucked.

But it was worse on the cats than it was on us. No power meant no heated cat cups and the water fountain was just a plain ol’ water dish. Well, for the first blackout that was the case. For blackouts 2 and 3 we were PURRpared, just like a good Cat Scout.

I ordered several different types, all that included AC connection capability. Although we had devices like cells phones that needed to be charged, well, that wasn’t as important as keeping those cat cups toasty warm!

They all worked for the cat cups flawlessly. Stayed powered through the night (although that meant we had to go to the local library which was not in the shut-off zone) the following day to recharge them. They also are said to power appliances under 90W, which is when I found out our Keurig is an over-90-watt appliance.

I was happy with all of them. Two of them are TSA-approved so you can take them on a cross-country flight to remain connected on an older plane that doesn’t have an outlet at the seat.

Here’s what we got…strongly recommended for your emergency purrparedness kits:



$130 (TSA approved)

$120 (TSA approved)

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  1. messymimi says:

    Neat stuff, thanks for the head’s up!


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