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I’m lucky to have cats with excellent litter habits. But try as I might to train them otherwise, they seem to delight in bolting from the box like Olympic gymnasts landing their dismounts, hoping to win points for flair. And after Tripper digs for China, the laundry porch could be mistaken for a quarry.

This results in what seems like pounds of litter tracked throughout the house. The problem got more complicated last year when we replaced all the flooring downstairs. Now, our pricey hardwood-floored foyer sometimes looks like it’s spent a day at the beach.


The litter doesn’t just get tracked, it gets ground in and scratches the finish.We vacuum and dust mop it daily, but geez! Enough is enough! I’m tired of playing Susie Homemaker (and I always sucked at that role as it is.)

My friends at Tidy Cats felt my pain and offered to purrform a Littervention, creating a customized litter box station configuration that would keep both me and the cats purring.

Litter tracking has many causes, including the type of litter, the cat’s behavior in the litter box, and the cat’s exit from the litter box. I wasn’t going to switch from my current clumping clay litter because it is perfect in every other way. I’ve tried every litter form factor that claims “no tracking,” but the box becomes a disgusting gooey mess with them after a couple of days.

My case was a difficult one. Our primary litter box is in the downstairs laundry porch, next to a small storage closet and a powder room. Like many spaces in which people stash litter boxes, this space is tight. We haven’t used litter mats in the past because they would be in the door swing area of the floor.


We also have a couple of litter boxes upstairs, but since they sit upon crappy 70’s-era green and orange shag carpet that is getting replaced in a reno that cannot happen too soon, they can track all they want over that crappy carpet and it gets sucked up with the vacuum. They rarely use the upstairs litter boxes, anyway.

Time for a Tidy Cats Littervention!

Given this small space, Tidy Cats wanted to know if we were willing to move this box to another area in the house. That wasn’t really an option. We have new white carpet throughout the downstairs, and I’m loathe to put a litter box on it. The kitchen is tiled, but a litter box in the kitchen? YUCK! The foyer was out of the question… I don’t want the first thing a guest sees to be a litter box.

So, they were challenged to find a solution for this small space.

How Tidy Cats Resolved My Tracking Problem

First, they provided an amazing Litter Catcher tracking mat that comes in two pieces. The top layer has holes to channel the litter down to a second layer that traps it for emptying later. Much better than some of those Brillo Pad designs that trap grains of litter until the end of time.


Secondly, Tidy Cats switched my litter boxes to stylish high-sided versions. My cats can now thrash inside the box as much as they like and what happens in the litter box stays in the litter box.

But Wait! There’s More!

I still get to be Susie Homemaker. Just as I hate truck stop bathrooms, my boys hate a stinky litter area. So Tidy Cats provided everything I’ll need to keep their bathroom areas clean, including some stylish cleaning gloves.


They also provided a Litter Genie, which they claim can hold up to 3 weeks of cat litter.  Litter Genie locks litter and odor away in 3 simple steps.


But the cats’ favorite gift from Tidy Cats had nothing to do with poo. It was a ginormous sculptural scratcher by Pet Fusion that fits in perfectly with our modern decor.


Anyway, the laundry porch litter station is now missing the patina of cat litter on the floor thanks to the Littervention. The higher walls keep most of the litter in, and the mat captures the rest. The Litter Genie eliminates the potential for poo pollution.


Moving the box over a couple of feet made room for the mat without impeding the opening of the two doors. And I’m a fan of the box’s style. A big improvement over basic blue.


Would You Like to Win a Littervention?

One lucky Mousebreath reader will get his/her own purrsonal littervention from Tidy Cats. Just enter below for your chance to win!

You can enter and tweet daily. Entries close June 30th.


Does Your Cat Think (and pee) Outside the Box?

  1. Change locations, preferably to a low-traffic quiet area at the periphery of your living areas. Distribute them throughout the house so that each cat has one in his “territory.” 
  2. Provide a sufficient number of boxes: one for each cat plus one. Three cats: 4 boxes.
  3. Clean your boxes early and often. Our laundry room box gets cleaned every time we go to the powder room.
  4. If your cat has heretofore has had good litter habits, going outside the box is a signal that something’s wrong; perhaps a urinary blockage that can be fatal in a short period of time. This is not something that can be put off 24 hours, so take him to an emergency vet if necessary.
  5. Stressed cats may eliminate improperly. For example, houseguests, a move (or just moving the furniture), a new baby or roomate, a new cat–all can stress Fluffy. Try Rescue Remedy and/or Feliway. Give her extra attention and play time and if the behavior continues, consult with your vet. If the problem is not physical but mental, he can prescribe kitty Prozac. 
  6. Intact male cats spray to mark territory. Neuter your male when he reaches sexual maturity, around 4-6 months of age. 
  7. If you have a large cat, he needs a larger box. Consider using an aquaponics tub, available from hardware suppliers. 
  8. If your cat has mobility problems like arthritis, the litter box should have low sides or an access ramp.
  9. Not all cats like hooded litter boxes. And for good reason… these boxes keep odors contained within the box which makes the potty break a stinky proposition for Fluffy. Or, she might feel trapped, especially if there is a bullying alpha cat in the house. 





The fine print: Tidy Cats sponsored this post and is providing the prizes to the winner.

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  1. Anne says:

    Wow, that’s a very generous littervention there! Very generous of Tidy Cats!

  2. Timmy Tomcat says:

    What a very generous prize pack! Dad made us two big custom litter boxes out of 148 quart storage containers. They double as a place to lay as they have tops. Dad uses regular “Hello” doormats and they help a little but… we have a lot of tracking with the 7 of us.
    Hope we win

  3. chickie brewer says:

    Wow this is such an awesome prize… I know my daughter would love this for all of here kitties!

  4. Laurel says:

    We need this intervention! We have five litterboxes! Four upstairs and one downstairs. I wish I had seen this sooner.


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