Why the Man in the Brown Shorts Hates Me

The most difficult part of dealing with cat litter?

Not #1, and not #2. Of course, I’m able to say that because hubby is pretty OCD about scooping any deposits shortly after they hit the box, and I lost my sense of smell in a brain injury, so even the most mephitic of bowel evacuations escapes my notice. So with that said, for me, the most difficult part of dealing with cat litter is wrestling the weighty tub from store to home.

Now that we have four cats rather than three, the number of our litter purchases has ratcheted up significantly. We’d usually pick up litter on runs to the supermarket, paying a premium for convenience; the pet store with reasonably-priced litter is miles away. We buy all of our cat food and supplies via Amazon Prime or Chewy, so I thought I’d check out buying litter through them as well. Which is why The Man in the Brown Shorts may soon be putting out a contract on me.

You see, you can buy 40 lbs of Dr Elsey’s Ultra Litter for $14.07 via either Amazon Prime or Chewy for $14.07. Shipping that 40-lb mutha is free through Prime or with a $50 Chewy purchase. (Chewy often packs their boxes with big sheets of brown craft paper, which provide endless amusement for Homer and Reno.) It’s delivered to my doorstep, so I only have to wrestle it from the front door to the laundry porch, a fraction of the distance the brown shorts guy has to lug it.

This particular brand of litter has spectacular clumping power, no cloying perfume-y odor, virtually no dust, and comes in a plastic bag that Reno can’t resist chewing holes through. At 35-cents per lb., it’s about as cheap as you’ll find. (Arm & Hammer comes close at 37-cents/lb., but seems a lot dustier to me, and the leading brand is 82-cents/lb.) As long as we can hide it in the laundry chute where Reno can’t get to it, it’s a near-purrfect litter solution for us.

I can’t parse the economics of shipping a 40-lb $14 product for free, but I’m not complaining. If you go through as much cat litter as we do and don’t order it this way, you should definitely check it out. 







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