Have a Merry Mousebreath Christmas!


Tripper donned his gay apparel and sent holiday wishes just before he ate it. Here’s hoping every Mousebreather has a joyous holiday, full of good cheer!

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  1. HoHoHo…and hahahahaha Tripper…better you than me! 🙂


  2. We think you were brave to dress Tripper in that. He doesn’t look happy. But at least he posed. 🙂

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Sparkle says:

    Mousey CATmas to you!

  4. Tripper, that’s very classy apparel! Merry Catmas!

  5. Sue Brandes says:

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Shoko says:

    Merry Crispmouse and my you are a sharp looking kitty!

  7. Tripper looks so very dignified!


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