At the Movies with Homereno: More Birds!

March 2, 2017 |

at-the-movies-3marchRENO: We’re kinda binjing on berd videos, arn’t we?

HOMER: Yah. I just kant git enuf of ’em!

RENO: Owr ladey liked lookin at all the pritty berdz in this moovey cuz we don’t have pritty berdz like that at owr howse. Theeze berdz are from Cornwall ware  owr lady wood like to live.

HOMER: We have the nice bloo berdz in owr bak yard. Ya know, the wunz hoo yell at the sqwerlz win the sqwerlz take over the berd feeder.

RENO: We shud make a moovey of owr berd feeder, with the sqwerl hoo hangs upside down to eat the berd foods!

HOMER: Whaddya think tastes better, sqwerlz or berdz?

RENO: I dunno. I gess it dependz on whut you don’t mind pikking out of yer teeths: fur or fevvers?

HOMER: I like fevvers!

RENO: But a sqwerl prolly makes a bigger meal than a little berdie.

HOMER: REEEEEENOOOOOO!!!! Yoo havvn’t seen the terkey vulchers hoo fly over our bak yard lookin for cats to eat?????? Thare ginormous!

RENO: I saw the Terkey vulchers but they wuz NUTHIN compared to the WILD TURKEYS DOWN THE HILL FROM US:!!!! Is it too erly for Thanksgiving?

HOMER:It’s never too erly for noms!

HOMER: I liked this moovey, how bout yoo?

RENO: I liked it. Lots of cherping and akshun.

HOMER: And our ladey liked it a lot cuz thare wuz berds she hadn’t seen before.

RENO: And it’s about a half howr long. wich is about purrfect for our attenshun span.

Summery: red hed berd fu, blak hed berd fu, piggy brown berd fu

RATING: 7 Paws

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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Homer and Reno are littermates. Homer is a black kitten who attended the adoption fair every week for 4 months without getting adopted. When his new 'rents found out that Reno's brother was still looking for a furever home, they said, "Heck yeah! What's one more cat?" Homer and Reno are a strongly bonded demonic duo. And film aficionados in the great tradition of Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, and Joe Bob Briggs.

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