At the Movies with Homereno: Birds!

RENO: This one made me hungry!

HOMER: Yah. So many berdz, so little time!

RENO: Thare wuz lots of diffrint berdz. I dunno if they wuz all good eetin’ berdz. But they shur looked yummy!

HOMER: At first, I thot the movie wud be a dud cuz the berdz at the beginning wuz not all brite pritty colors, but sumthing klicked inside of me and oh man, I coodn’t stop watching!

RENO: It wuz funny how you looked up to the seeling win the berdz flide away.

HOMER: Yah, they faked me out good!

RENO: And thare wz a lot of diffrint berdz!

HOMER: An qwakkers, too!

RENO: It wuz a good long moovey!

HOMER: More than 2 owers!

RENO: 2 akshun-filled owers!

HOMER: I liked it lots!

RENO: Me too!

Summery: little berdiz fu, big berdie fu, qwakker fu

RATING: 7 Paws up.

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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