At the Movies with Homereno: Get the Mowsie!

February 10, 2017 |

youtube-at-the-moviesHOMER: This wuz a good wun!

RENO: Yah, I never seen a mowsie. How ’bout you?

HOMER: Nah. Do yoo think they taste like chikkin?

RENO: I dunno. Fansy Feest duzn’t have a mowsie flayver. At least not one I’ve ever had.

HOMER: Well, thare missin out! I bet it wood be reely pawpular!

RENO: Yah, I reely liked watchin this mowsie. Ixsept I coodn’t ketch him.

HOMER: We’ve never bin abul to ketch ANYTHING we see in the mooveys.

RENO: Didn’t we ketch a fly wunce?

HOMER: Naw, you hit the tuchskreen and the moovey froze.

RENO: How’d you rate this moovey?

HOMER: It wuz grate, tho a littul short. I’d never seen a reel live mowse beefore, so that part wuz fun.

RENO: Yah, it wuz pritty mezmerizing for me. I liked it!

HOMER: Me, too. It just wuzn’t long enuf.

Summery: Mowsie fu, rodent fu

RATING: 6 Paws up.

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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Homer and Reno are littermates. Homer is a black kitten who attended the adoption fair every week for 4 months without getting adopted. When his new 'rents found out that Reno's brother was still looking for a furever home, they said, "Heck yeah! What's one more cat?" Homer and Reno are a strongly bonded demonic duo. And film aficionados in the great tradition of Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, and Joe Bob Briggs.

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  1. Aw, fellas, We agree it’s many paws up! Thanks for sharing. Felix and Maggie


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