At the Movies with Homereno: That HAIR!

trump-hair-at-the-moviesRENO: This week’s moovey wuz kind of a horrerr moovey.

HOMER: I’m glad yoo hided my eyes thru part of it, bro.

RENO: I watched it thru one eye. This is a moovey about an oringe-faced alien hoo takes over the country.

HOMER: Frum whut I could see, he wusn’t a happy alien like Mork or ET. I think he has the mads cuz his furz won’t go in the direkshun he wunts them to go and it’s hard to take over a planit if yoo are having a bad fur day.


RENO: I’m pritty sure if he’d just groom hisself harder his furz wood stay in place better.

HOMER: How wood you rate the moovey?

RENO: Well, I saw more of you than you did. It wuzn’t that grate, It gave me nitemares.

HOMER: I didn’t git da nitemares cuz I didn’t see it, but I shur don’t wunna watch that agin!

Summery: Flyaway Fur Fu, Orange Fu, Spagetti Sidebern Fu

RATING: 8 Paws Down (TOO SCAREY!!!!!)

Homereno sez, “Don’t Chek it owt!”

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  1. oh..mi..cod….i saws da moovee too…furry furry scaree…….did not like

  2. Homer, You were right to shield your eyes, buddy! That was a horror movie if we’ve ever seen one. Eeeeeeeeeks. All paws down from us. Maggie and Felix


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