At the Movies with Homereno: Porky Pine!


HOMER: This moovey wuz a reel hit with the ladey.

RENO: Yep, she’s watched it a gazillion times.

HOMER: I have never sawed a kreecher that looks like a porky pine.

RENO: He is kyoot, but I don’t think I’d wanna kerl up in my cat cup with him. He looks prikkly.

HOMER: I don’t like priks.

RENO: Me eether. I like soft an snuggly, like sheeps… or YOO!

HOMER: I don’t git the attrakshun to korn.

RENO: Boy, he shur luvs it!

HOMER: An owr ladey wuz laffin an laffin win he started talkin!

RENO: He wuz talkin with his mowth full!

HOMER: So, this moovey is pawpular with da peeple.

RENO: Yep! But no sqwerlz or berdz in this one.

HOMER: But the prikly porky pine kreecher was strangely intristing to watch.

RENO: Makes me wunder how they use kondumz!

Prikkle Fu! Kyoot Fu! Korn Fu!

RATING: 6 Paws Up

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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