At the Movies with Homereno: Sqwerl Teeze!



HOMER: OH. MY. BAST. I luvved this moovey so much!

RENO: That sqwerl reely pwned those poor cats, tho!

HOMER: I liked the part win the sqwerl goze rite up the window and sez BITE ME!

RENO: We haz bin watchin the sqwerl in owr yard a lot this week acuz the wether has been hot, so the skreen door is open and we can feel the outdoor air on our faces and heer the sqwerl yellin at the bloo berd.

HOMER: Ixsept owr sqwerl has never come up to the door and sed BITE ME!

RENO: If he did, I’d take him up on it. He looks tasty!

HOMER: So this is an akshun-advencher saga. It’s abowt a cupple of indoor cats like us hoo dreem of one day popping a tasty sqwerl in thare mouths.

RENO: And thare wuz even a berd in this moovey.

HOMER: I didn’t see no berd…!

RENO: You hafta look kinda close, but you can see the sqwerl flipping ’em one thare neer the end.

HOMER: Ya gotta love a spunky sqwerl!

RENO: And a spunky cat!!!! I neerly wet my pants win I watched whut Mason da Cat did thare at the end!!!!

HOMER: He got a lot closer than we ever will to popping a tasty sqwerl in our mouths.

RENO: Some day, brudder. Some day…..

Summery: spunky sqwerl fu, berd flipping fu, cat victory lap fu

RATING: 8 Paws Up

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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  1. Lee Bordenet says:

    Good kitty to go outside, chase the squirrel a bit and come right back in the house. I enjoyed this video myself. Haven’t seen a squirrel or snow since I was transferred from Seattle to Phoenix.


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