At the Movies with Homereno: Sqwerlz & Berdz Fun



HOMER: Wich do yoo like better: sqwerlz or berdz?

RENO: That a tuffy. Do I hafta chooze?

HOMER: Nah. It’s just a hyperthetikul qweschun.

RENO: A whut?

HOMER: A hyperthetikul. It meens I’m just makin’ konversayshun by askin qweschuns.

RENO:  Well I probly woodn’t EET a sqwerl, cuz the one in this week’s moovey looks a little like our baby brother Gomer.

HOMER: My gosh, yer rite! The same bushy tale an evrything! If the sqwerl had bigger ears, you woodn’t be able to tell them apart!

RENO: Maybe that ixplanes why we liked this moovey so much. By the way, our ladey got a pikcher of us in akshun:


HOMER: Yep, we watched this moovey eleventy times, and we’ll watch it elevently more times and still be reddy to see it agin!

RENO: Whoever sed “variety is the spice of life” never saw this sqwerlz & berdz moovey!

Summery: Rocky and Bullwinkle fu, oringe berdie fu

RATING: 8 Paws up.

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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