native-cast-christmas-gift No matter where you live — even if it’s Colorado, Washington or Oregon — stale nip is a problem that plagues cats around the world. The solution? Grow your own! And put this adorable DIY planter on your holiday wish list. Cast your own catnip planter using this kit that contains everything you need to create your own heart-shaped planter (other shapes available), and the soil and seeds to plant in it. native cast DIY catnip planter It’s so easy, that Banzai — even without the use of opposable thumbs — was able to snoopervise while I created the concrete planter and planted his precious nip seeds. The planter is sized for starting seeds, so once they’re big enough, you can replant in a supersized pot that will provide enough nip to keep the biggest niphead you know content. First, you make your concrete pot, using the cardboard mold the kit comes in. It’s easy; just stir up the concrete per the directions, pour into the mold and use the stir stick to push the concrete material to form the walls and a drainage hole in the bottom. Let it dry for a day, then carefully tear away your mold box. Voila! You’re a concrete artist! heart-catnip-planter Now, pour in the organic starter soil and plant the seeds. Keep the soil moist until seeds sprout, and you’re on your way! NativeCast is dedicated to creating fine quality concrete wares, made in the USA with native ingredients. Their products give even the clumsiest among us the ability to become sculptors for a day. NativeCast is committed to recycling at least 90% of all trash produced at their facility, and they┬áreuse concrete and packing and shipping materials routinely. The cast-your-own kits come in a wide array of shapes and seeds. (Can anyone EVER have too much basil?) They produce a lot of other green products that will delight and amaze you and your gift’s recipient with their creativity. See them all on the NativeCast website. You can also purchase the heart-shaped catnip kit shown on amazaon (Amazon Prime available). PLEASE USE NIP RESPONSIBLY.   THE FINE PRINT: NativeCast provided Mousebreath with a product sample for purposes of this review.

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