Pennsylvanians Want to Know: Do Cats Fart?

cat farting Did someone get paid to do this research? A recent analysis of Google queries revealed what search words and phrases were used the most in which states. This wasn’t to determine the top search terms in each state, but rather which state searched for certain whimsical search terms the most. Interesting, Pennsylvanians searched for “Do Cats Fart?” more than any other Americans. Does it stink in Pennsylvania and they’re trying to find the source? Are Pennsylvania’s cats more likely to blow out SBDs? Are Pennsylvanian dogs blaming their farts on cats more than dogs from other states? Meanwhile, West Virginians want to know why cats are afraid of cucumbers. Sadly, the research did not turn up any info on why the queries were made. What is your state asking The Google? Here’s a sample:

ARIZONA:  What is hominy?

CALIFORNIA:  What is Jello? / Do jellyfish have brains?

COLORADO:  What is hash?

FLORIDA:  Why does everyone hate Florida?

GEORGIA:  How to hotwire a car / Where is weed legal? /  Why are my nipples so sore? / How to be a man? / How to become a stripper? / Is Africa a country?

IDAHO:  Is Ted Cruz the Zodiak (sic) Killer?

INDIANA:  Do midgets have night vision?

IOWA:  Do penguins have knees?

KANSAS:  How to make meth?

KENTUCKY:  What are jorts?

MINNESOTA:  Is funner a word?

MONTANA:   Is Bernie Sanders out? / How to move to Canada?

NEW JERSEY:  Is time travel possible? / Is weed bad for you?

NEW MEXICO:  Do dogs dream?

NEW YORK:  Is wine gluten free?

PENNSYLVANIA: Why can’t I poop? / Do cats fart?

SOUTH DAKOTA:  Why is my poop green?

TENNESSEE:  Are unicorns real?

TEXAS:   How to meet men? / How does sex work? / Do I have herpes? / Do girls poop?

UTAH:   Who moved my cheese?

WEST VIRGINIA: Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

You can find the complete list of all states and search terms at estately. warning cat farting If you’re from Pennsylvania and The Google sent you here, yes, cats fart.  You West Virginians will get your answer from The Youtubes:

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  1. All of those earthshaking questions just show how important our upcoming election is!!


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