Purrfect For Your Ugly Sweater Pawty

Got an Ugly Sweater Christmas Pawty coming up, and nothing quite ugly enough to wear? Check out these beauties! (Prices subject to change.)


Cats. Pizza. Outer Space. All your faves rolled into one. And speaking of rolled, looks a little like some of the pot legalization Christmas pawties being celebrated in California this season! $22.99


Am I the only one who doesn’t think this this red Christmas Cat Snowflake sweater is that ugly? $31.20


This one, OTOH, def gets a fugly rating. $21.99.


Another Outer-Spacey ugly Christmas sweater. But sadly, no pizza. $24.88 – $43.50


It’s billed as an ugly Christmas sweater, but I just might buy it for the hubs.


This one, however is definitely in the ugly category. And if, like me, you’re unlucky enough to be epileptic, it could induce seizures. $29.99


Since my new little black kitten Homer is all over this one, I just might have to buy it. $29.99


This cat is pretty angry at being pasted to an ugly Christmas sweater. $29.99


The claim is that this sweater is “built to last.” As if you’re going to wear it more than once. But rest assured, if you’re playing Twister and doing the Limbo at your Ugly Sweater Party, this one won’t come apart at the seams. They say it’s built by tipsy elves.

It is covered in the little tinsel balls that Reno is so nuts about. $59. 


The Laser Beam Eyes Ugly Christmas Cat Sweater. $16.88


Another one that’s more cute than ugly.$26.99. And you could extend its wear through Valentine’s Day.


Hands down my favorite…. because it has LED twinkle lights knitted into it. Click through to see the twinkles in action! $34.99


Yep, definitely ugly. $36.99


I’m pretty this cat would be less cranky if they’d just let him have his morning coffee. $21.99


Cat Attack Ugly Christmas Sweater. $29.99


You have to pay up to get this degree of ugly. Way up. $59.


Respectably ugly and more kittehs per square inch than any other. $25


This cat has TWO festive holiday bells on his collar. $24.99





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  1. Summer says:

    After looking at the first sweater… now my human wants pizza.

  2. Ellen Pilch says:

    I would wear almost every one of these 🙂

  3. Toffee Ripple Fuzzypants says:



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