Put a Cat on Your Tongue

Got some end-of-school-year parties, or just want to send an “I’m sorry” gift to your vet after Fluffy shredded his arm? Consider a box of cat cookies! Any of these can be purchased online and made to order. Prices are for a dozen unless otherwise noted. Get ready to get your YUM on! (Damn. Times like this I regret having gone keto.)

Cat cookies

Custom cat cookies. Send a photo and Fluffy’s face will be immortalized in royal icing until you eat her. $36

cat cookies

Choice of 7 Flavors + Personalization, $42

cat cookies pusheen

Pusheen Cookies. Choice of 5 flavors, $40

cat cookies buy online

Cats with crown of May flowers. Colors customizable. 15 for $40.

cat cookies buy online

Customized cat lookalike cookies. Up to three sets of cat cookie “portraits” per 12-cookies order. $50

bad cat cookie cutter

Prefer to make your own? The Bad Cat cookie cutter is only $8.50.

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  1. Erin The Cat says:

    Oh man, I now feel so hungry as well as so far from the good stuff. These look awesome delights and I especially love the idea of sending to the vet after a shredding, MOL
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh, this is a terrific idea! We have some real cat lovers who would go crazy over these cookies! Thanks, Max!


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