Quarantine in Affordable Catified Style!

Did you ditch too many cute cat clothes during a ruthless quarantine-boredom-busting binge of spring cleaning? Need to wear something besides that ratty college logo top for Zoom meetings with your office mates? Wary about spending big bux with everyone’s financial future in limbo?

We gotcha covered. Not JUST covered, but covered in cute cat clothes, with a dozen from which to pick. And you can get ’em for 20% off their already rock-bottom prices.

No, it’s not Rodeo Drive quality, but it’s pretty danged good for the price. Take a look! (Prices reflect both the list price and the 20%-off price.) Get your 20% off coupon here.


Stay safe and don’t lick any shopping carts!


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  1. Are these available in the UK?.,


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