Rats Care for Cats in Brooklyn Cat Cafe

Rats are naturals in a cafe, right? Remy and Emile (named after Ratatouille characters) are two young rats who love veggies and head scritches. And they are employed by Brooklyn’s Cat Cafe as nannies for the facility’s kitten pawpulation. They were rescued and raised by Helping All Little Things (HALT), a small animal rescue serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. It is run by Danielle Challender, Jimmy Clark and Ericka Chadbourne, who have decided to open their homes and hearts to neglected, abused and unwanted small animals. Working in conjunction with foster homes, shelters and other rescues, they find permanent loving homes for animals such as guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats and hamsters. Turns out the rats are the purrfect size for kitten playmates. Remy and Emile aren’t afraid of the young cats, so they don’t run away from them, an action that would trigger the kittens’ hunting instinct. Ivory was their first rescue rat. He became best friends with a four-week-old black kitten named Ebony who couldn’t have any other cat friends. Ebony had FeLV (Feline Leukemia virus), a contagious (to other cats) and ultimately fatal disease. Ivory and Ebony would romp and play together until they passed out cuddled up together. After Ebony died, Ivory was set up in a cage in the terrarium so he could hang out with the kittens, which he did until the end of his days. So kittehs, what’s your verdict? Are Remy and Emile playmates or dinner?


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  1. We are not surprised about this. Rats make wonderful pets and we had a rat we rescued named Phoenix who got along with two cats and a big dog with no problems. They didn’t cuddle together but would greet each other nose to nose. Luvs, Patzy


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