Service Cats Dezi and Lexi


We have had an educational time interviewing Deztinee and Alexandra, AKA Dezi and Lexi from the blog Deziz World.  Dezi writes the blog and Alexi writes a Facebook page.  You will enjoy meeting these lovely ladies and learning how they help their mom.Funny Farmer Felines: Please tell us a little about yourselves and your mom.

Dezi: Well meez is a puwebwed Ragdoll, da wunt of a littew of 8. Meez wus wescued fwum a bad bweedew when meez wus ’bout 4 weeks old. Meez wus almost dead as da bweedew had wowmed us sevwal times wiff ovew da countew wowmew fuw wowms wees didn’t even hav. Since meez mommy is disabled due tu an automobile accident, hers had plans of makin’ meez a Service Cat, but hers had no idea how much meez wus gunna help hers.

Lexi: Meow, Iz it minez turn tu talk now?  *Dezi nods and cleans hers paw* I’z ben wiff mommy sinz da day I’z wuz born. I’z wuz bein’ born while minez fur mom wuz bein’ killed by a dog. I’z wuz pozt tu beez a fawzter baby, but I’z lubbed da mommy dat rayzed me so much I’z wandid tu stay. Long story short, I’z stayed and mommy fell hed ober heelz in lubz wiff me. Herz traynd me tu beez a Service cat. I’z habz minez own Facebook payj where I’z toldid minez story and sum ob sis Deziz afur herz gawdid a blog.

Dezi: Ow mommy is da bestest mommy in da univews. Wees liv in a vewy small town down Sowf in Okalahomain. Wees tellin dis, cuz wees unnewstand ders not many kitty bloggews fwum Oklahoma.  By da way, fank yous so much fuw yous innewest in leawnin’ ’bout us and Service Animals in genewal.

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you all come to live together?

Dezi: Lexi wus 10 yeaws old and needed help helpin’ mommy. A furiend dat shes volunteewed wiff called hers and told hers dat dey wus waidin’ a bweedew of Ragdolls and asked ifin shes wus innewstead.  Meez chose her immediately. Sis Lexi didn’t like meez not one bit at fiwst, but meez wus suwe me kuld win hers ovew, and suwe nuff, meez did. Now we’s da bestest of furiends and vewy luvvin’ sisfuws.


Funny Farmer Felines: You have been blogging since February of this year, but before then you were sharing your story on Facebook. What inspired you to move your story to a blog?

Dezi: Well, da ADA changed da definition of Service Animal again not tu long ago tu include dogs only. And mommy fawt dat wus vewy unfaiw. Wees still purrtected unnew da law but wees don’t get all da advantages affowded tu a Service Animal.

So mommy decided it wus time fuw us tu tell ow story and educate people ’bout all dat cats can du. And hers wanted tu help debunk da myff dat cats awe aloof and can’t be twained. And educate ’bout all da uddew species dat wowk as Service Animals and teach people da diffewencee tween Service Cat and Therapy Cat. Cuz mowe offen den not when people heaw wees are Service Cats, dey assume wees lay wound and purr fur mommy and make hers feel good. And while wees du dat, wes du so much mowe.

Dis is sis Lexi’s Facebook page. Wees still tell a stowwy or 2 on facebook, but da blog wus what mommy had wanted fwum da beginin’, hers just didn’t know it. See, ‘putews awe all new tu us and meez mommys no spwing chick. so when wees got dis ‘putew and mommy decided tu tell ow stowwy hers did what evewypawdy told hers and got a facebook page. Da blog wus a happy accident. Wees hav a furiend hoo invited us tu be guest witews on hims blog. And so mommy went tu cweate an account, and da nex fing hers knew, Deziz World wus bown.

Wealizin’ how much easiew it wus fuw people tu visit and catch up even ifin dey’s new tu da blog, mommy decided tu keep it. See sumpawdy can stawt followin us 3 yeaws fwum now and dey will be able tu search and wead how meez came tu be wiff mommy wifout havin’ tu scwoll fwu evew post evew made. Wees not leavin’ facebook as wees hav made lots of wunnewful furiends der, but ow stowwys awe so much easiew tu tell and follow and wead on da blog.

Funny Farmer Felines: You are very talented. What are some of the types of assistance you provide for your mom?

Dezi: Wees du so much fuw mommy meez kuldn’t even list dem all, so meez will just covew a foo of da big fings. Off couwse meez dus sumfin fuw mommy dat no uddew kitty has evew dun, meez alewts her afuw hers passes out so shes can sit down and not get huwt. Now meez dusn’t unnewstand da whole fing, but mommy’s dun weseawch and spoke wiff hers doctows and pawently meez can smell and sense da bodys’ chemistwy change and know dat sumfin is fixin’ tu hapun. Sumfin purrawly all hers kittys kuld du, da diffewence is dat meez acts on it and stawts tellin’ mommy tu sit down.

Wees also can call fuw help by dialin’ 911 on da fone, and dwive hers wheelchaiw, and giv hers massages, and push hers head and awms outta da watew when hers passes out in da showew. As meez sed, these awe just a foo of da many fings wees du fuw mommy. And YES, wees also purr a lot and make hers feel good.

Funny Farmer Felines: You are the first Service Cats we’ve met. Who taught you to do the things you do to help your mom?

Dezi: Well now, dis a bit of a twicky question. See mommy and sis Lexi tawt meez, and mommy and sis Lexi’s bwofuws tawt hers. But mommy had nevew heawd of a Service Cat eevew when hers had hers accident. But hers had a wunnewful pet kitty named Shad. Dey had been fwu a lot of fings tugeddew and luvved each uddew vewy much and had a vewy stwong bond. Aftew mommy’s accident hers doctows wanted hers tu get a Service Dog cuz deys wus fwaid hers wus gunna get huwt vewy bad when hers passed out. But mommy knew hers life wusn’t wight fuw a doggy and so she kuldn’t du dat tu one.

But Shad wus always der in da backgwound. Hers had always luvved da fone and twied tu talk on it when shes heawd a voice shes wecognized, and it wus her dat tawt hers self tu call fuw help one time when mommy had passed out and huwt hers self.

She’s da one dat tawt mommy all da fings cats kuld du. Shes tawt hers self evewyfin. Aftew Shad passed away, mommy knew dat shes kuld twain uddews tu du da same fings. And da wesident Service cat always helps teach da newcomew. But mommy sez Lexi and meez awe it!! Wees boff healffy and hers plans tu keep it dat way and keep us boff alive fuwevew (least as long as shes livs).

Funny Farmer Felines: We assumed you only help your mom around the house, but your mom was on Pet Talk Radio in March and she said you are both calm and helpful in public too. You go into stores and restaurants with her.

Dezi: Yes wees du. Meez goes mowe den Lexi, but dat’s cuz meez alewts when mommy is gunna pass out. Also cuz Lexi is oldew and dusn’t enjoy it as much anymowe. And wecently one of ow wunnewful facebook furiends bought us a stwollew dat makes it easiew fuw us tu go places wiff mommy. And wees luv it!

Funny Farmer Felines: You like to ride in a stroller, Dezi. Do you like to stroller too, Lexi?

Lexi: OMC I’z lubz da stroller. I’z don’t goze az offen az Dezi duz, but yez eber oppurtunity I’z habz tu goze strollin, I’z all fur it!!!

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you like to do for mischief when you aren’t working?

Dezi:  *snicker*  We’s just like evew uddew kitty in da wowld. Wes luv tu play and du zoomies and play wiff toys and nap. Wees luv da Cat’s Meow dat wees got fuw Christmas, and da Catit twacks and of couwse catnip toys. Wees luv CATNIP! Wees also like tu biwd watch and play wiff da ‘biwd on a wiwe’. Wees wuld luv a big Cat twee but it’s outta mommys pwice wange or budget or sumfin’ like dat.

And of cowse wees luv good noms and tweats!  Did I mention weez luv CATNIP?

Funny Farmer Felines: Are you able to fit any clubs or groups into your busy schedule? We understand one of you is a Cat Scout and both are joining the Tabby Cat Club.

Dezi: Yes, meez joined da Cat Scouts. Meez still a tendew paw, but Den Mastew sez at da wate meez goin’ meez will be purrmoted soon.  Showtly aftew meez joined Cat Scouts wees had a Quest 1 weekend. So wees put evewfin els on hold so meez kuld pawticipate and sis Lexi let meez bowwo hers facebook page tu attend da awawds cewemony.

Sis Lexi signed up fuw da Tabby Cat Club a while back, and deys sed dat since meez a Lynx point and technically a tabby pattewn den meez kuld be in da Tabby Cat Club tu.

Funny Farmer Felines: You are minor celebrities. Do you enjoy educating children in schools about Service Animals and visiting nursing homes?

Dezi:  Celebwities? MOL Weally? Meez didn’t know wees wus celebwities majow OR minow. MOL Mommy, did yous know?

Lexi has gotten a little oldew and dusn’t enjoy goin as much anymowe. But yes, meez luvs visitin’ da schools fuw suwe. Meez bweed is known tu be vewy furiendly, even tempurred and sociable.  Da childwen awe gunna gwow up tu be da pet ownews of tumowwo and ifin wees wanna end animal cwuelty and animal abandonment den wees got tu educate da pet ownews of tumowwo. Dey’s also gunna gwow up and be da law makews and ifin wees wants da ADA tu wise up again, wes gotta stawt sumwhewe.

Wees don’t get tu visit many nuwsin’ homes anymowe cuz deys all been closed down in ow awea, and mommy’s on a fixed income and so wees can’t affowd tu dwive vewy faw fuw visitin’. But wees always opun tu any oppurrtunity dat comes ow way.

Funny Farmer Felines: What a inspiration to learn we kitties can become a Service Animal.

Their mom’s interview on Pet Talk Radio that was mentioned earlier is still available online.   Her part on Service Cats Dezi and Alexi begins at the count of 74:48.

During the interview, we learned these working kitties don’t have a cat tree. We keep thinking how much we enjoy ours and would love to donate one to them but we’re on a limited income too; however, pet bloggers are very kind and generous, so if any kitty would like to donate a cat tree to two nearly 30 pound cats, we just know they would be grateful.  (Don’t tell them we mentioned this.  It’s a secret.)

Dezi and Alexi hang out on Deziz World blog.  Be sure to go by to say hello.

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  1. thank you for the interview!

  2. OMC Wees had such a wunnewful time bein’ innewviewed. Wees luv tu tell uddews ’bout how smawt kittys weally awe and all da fings dey can du. Fank yous so much fuw havin’ us tu tell ow stowwy. 🙂

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    we iz ona cell ewe lar dee vize two day guys sew we canna type much but had ta stop bye N say grate interview. we liked lurnin mor bout ewe dezi & lexi N serviss catz two. haza rockin week oh end. we R gonna try N sea if we can heer yur ray de oh show !!!!

    • Wees can’t fank ya’ll nuff. Ifin not fuw yous wees wuldn’t be hewe. Fank youz so much. Weez so purroud tu call yous furiends.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥

      Dezi and Lexi

  4. We love Dezi & Lexi. We follow their blog and Facebook page. This was a great interview! We learned even more about them 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. easy rider says:

    Isn’t that great that they are real service cats? I love Dezi&Lexi. What a fabulous interview!

  6. Brian Frum says:

    They really are so very special…and totally amazing!

  7. Sammy says:

    We are proud friends of Dezi, Lexi and their Mom and are so amazed that they are such talented service kitties. They do some wonderful things for their Mom. We think they are MOST special…….

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Aaaaw Sammy, Fank yous. Wees purroud tu be yous furiends tu. And wees fink yous and yous furmily awe vewy special tu. Yous ehlpin’ out da poow abandoned babies in yous neighbowhood. 🙂 And yous a Pawsum Scout. Wees so happy wees got tu know yous.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥

      Dezi and Lexi

  8. Timmy Tomcat says:

    Oh my this is the best intermew. I see Dezi all the time at Cat Scouts and visit their blog all the time. These are some really special cats and we love them dearly
    Thanks for all the good works Funny Farmers!

    • Aaaw Fank yous sweet Timmy. Wees luv yous and yous furmily tu. And is cuz of yous dat wees bloggin and even a Cat Scout. Wees vewy purroud tu know yous and be yous furiends. 🙂

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥

      Dezi and Lexi

  9. Sparkle says:

    See? We kitties are capable of doing MUCH more than we are given credit for!

  10. What a great interview! We love Dezi & Lexi!! 🙂 They are AMAZING!! 🙂 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  11. Bev Green says:

    What a great interview with Dezi and Lexi..and such a great way to get the message out that cats are just as capable as dogs in regards to learning and helping their human companions 🙂 hugs fozziemum

    • Fank yous Fozziemum. Wees twyin’ tu get da wowd out any way wees can. Hope yous havin’ a pawsum day.

      Luv and Hugs an Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥

      Dezi and Lexi

  12. Carmine and Milita are Emotional Support Animals, so their job is to provide purrs and company to help me feel good. I was honestly upset the ADA doesn’t consider them service animals anymore. But to not consider Dezi and Lexi as service animals is just insane! The ADA really needs to change their definition of Service Animals again.

    I, too, am disabled, and while I knew that cats are incredibly intelligent, I had no idea they could do so much to physically help humans! It’s really incredible and very inspiring.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

    • Yep is pawful what da ADA did. Mommy sez shes kinda gets it, but not weally cuz is stiill discwimination no mattew how yous look at it. But at da end of da day, like yous awe happy tu hav Carmine and Milita; mommy is just happy tu hav us tu help hers. Cuz wiffout us hers wuldn’t be able tu liv independantly anymowe. So glad yous enjoyed weadin’ ow innewview.

      Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥

      Dezi and Lexi

  13. Grreat interview !
    Me think Dezi and Lexi are two really COOL cat´s <3


  14. Happy to learn more about you. Keep up the good work!


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