Silicon Valley Cats Living Large in Their Own Apartment

Eat your hearts out, kittehs!

The housing situation is always kinda wacky here in the SF Bay Area. With a tight (and very expensive) rental market, it can be problematic finding a place to live if you have cats. Back in the day when we were renting, we put together a renter’s resume with all of our financials plus the previous landlords’ letters of recommendation and verification that our cats never caused any damage to the property and it was left in better condition than when we moved in. And of course, we sometimes had to pay four months’ rent up front (first, last, security deposit and pet deposit). With a monthly rent of $3500 (and we’re talking about 15 years ago), moving was always Yikes Time. Thank goodness for home ownership. Now all we have to worry about is our fire insurance being canceled before a wildfire turns our little town into another Paradise. But I digress.

Tina and Louise (perhaps named by a Gilligan’s Island fan???) are a pair of 20-lb cats living the good life in a $1,500-a-month studio apartment in San Jose. Their owner, Troy Good, took some flak for taking a livable space off the market for a pair of felines, but his heart is definitely in the right place. His daughter was moving away to college and couldn’t take her beloved cats to the dorm with her. He was unable to keep them where he lived (his girlfriend’s dog was not cat friendly), so he talked a friend into renting out a studio apartment to the cats. He visits them daily, and by all accounts they are happy in their new digs as you can see from their Instagram account.

The landlord says he felt bad “wasting valuable living space” on pets during a housing shortage, but he wanted to help out a friend. Similar apartments in the neighborhood rent for $2000 a month and up.

We’re just happy the girls didn’t end up at the shelter.


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  1. KesterGayle says:

    What lucky kitties! Maybe this devoted dad could find a cat loving human who needs a place to live but can’t afford bay area rents. They could kick in what they can afford in exchange for looking after Tina and Louise. Just a thought!

  2. PetMom says:

    What precious lucky kitties. ❤️

  3. In a way they’re very lucky, but to have someone around would them make even more happy, I suppose Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday


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