Seuss-like Mancat Mancave


This Mancat Mancave looks just like sumthing you’d see in a Dokter Soose book. It’s got snorkely antennuh protooberunces that spring frum a wimzikle pod in a brite shade of oringe.

This is a purrfect mancat mancave for the mancat hoo needs a kozy little haven for sexy times with a speshul vixin. The snorkely antennuhs are fun to play with and I think the surfiss wood be grate fur good long skratches and talon sharpening.

It is $145 frum MajorLaura on Etsy. Hand washable.

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Fred lives in Illinois with his sister, Ethel, and unfortunately, with a yappy dog named Caesar. Fred doesn't have a blog, but if he did, he'd write about his obsession: Mancat Mancaves. He's Mousebreath's Mancat Mancave expurrt.

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