Taking your cat to the vet can be a dream – not a nightmare

national take your cat to the vet week

Today is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, around which Take Your Cat to the Vet Week is focused. This event was started by PetFinder to increase the cat owner’s awareness of how necessary it is to take your cat in for regular vet visits.

Most people avoid taking their cats to vets because 1) It doesn’t really seem necessary – the cat looks okay, and, 2) It’s a nightmare.

First, cats hide disease and disability instinctively, and they’re extremely adept at doing so. Regular checkups are often the only way to discover that your cat is sick.

Second, you should invest some time in training your cat to take stress-free rides in the car without your vet’s office at the end of the line.

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to renowned veterinarian Margie Scherk explain vet visits from the cat’s point of view. She had back-to-back videos of the trip from the human viewpoint and the trip from the feline perspective.  One look and you can see why the cat is so terrified. She’s being ripped from under the bed by the scruff of her neck, forced into a carrier, dropped into the back seat with the carrier sliding to and fro, and then encounters a ginormous dog at the vet’s office. For many cats, the last time they went to the vet they woke up without their hoo-ha’s. Not exactly fun times.

Fortunately, PetFinder has some great tips on how to make a successful vet trip:

If you’re hesitating to take your cat to the vet because of the fear of what it might cost, be sure to check out the new plan offered by Pets Best Pet Insurance. Starting at $4 per month, policies cover most common illnesses and conditions, but the premiums are lower because  this particular plan does not cover accidents — a great alternative for indoor cats.

Kittehs, whick award would you win after your trip to the vet? Click the graphic below to enlarge. See you at the vet’s office!pet best inforgraphicz

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  1. Carol Bryant says:

    Passing this info on to all my cat friends. Ty!!

  2. Thank you for reminding me about this special week that highlights the need to take our dear ones to the veterinarian. I’ve posted this page to my Facebook page. Ateret is going on Friday, but I haven’t told her yet!

  3. Thanks for reminding everyone of the importance of taking our kitties to the vet!!

  4. cindy says:

    ….oh the kitty song on the way to the vet…I have to say it raises my own anxiety to the point where I asked the vet office to install a valium mister above the door to drop my own anxiety level ! But the reminder is good!


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