The. Best. Cat Tree. EVAH! And 5 Also-Rans.

As much as I would love to super-catify my house, I get outvoted by the hubs, who took a lot of convincing just to let me keep a standard-issue 5-ft cat tree in the living room vs. hiding it in a spare bedroom upstairs. He’s worried about being branded a crazy cat dude.

So I think it’s safe to say he’d never let me have THIS cat tree. The most amazing one ever, dontcha think?



And now, the also-rans….

This white birch tree makes me wish we’d turn our birch tree outside into a cat tree. (Ours has the most amazing woodpecker holes in it!)


Here are a couple more real-tree cat trees:

cat-tree-05 cat-tree-06

This is Max’s choice for Best Cat Tree ever. It’s much bigger on the inside, so it’s a good choice for small apartments.


This last one is the one most likely to be approved by Mr Tasty Face:


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  1. Toffee Ripple Fuzzypants says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. Patricia Sullivan says:

    Wow is right! We think any of them would blend in with a variety of furniture/architectural styles! GO BOLD OR GO AWAY!!


  3. Eileen says:

    I need this for my two cats.

  4. Man, if we were younger, the People would totally get us that most awesome of cat trees. I know them…they’d freaking design a room around it.

    Dangit, now I wish was younger.

  5. (Oh, and we have a TARDIS, but the brooms live inside it so I never go in. But Buddah is always on top of it. It’s his favorite place to be.)


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