The Ferris Wheel for Cat Poop (Video)

My Food Lady duz NOT like flushing the litter box. She’s suppost to do it evry nite, but she’s old so she fergits. So I wuz vary happy win Litter-Robot sended me one of thare ottomated litter boxes to review. I reely gave it a werkout.

The Food Lady sed that we both had to review it. I’m suppost to tell you wether I like it or not, and the Food Lady will give you her version. Me ferst.

As most of you know, my poops reek reely bad. And I’m tired of heering “OH SKEEEEZIX!” win I leeve the litter box. So I made a moovie about how the Litter-Robot keeps the stink frum gitting in the peeple’s nozes. It is a very good movie, just like Frankenweenie — but it’s better becuz thare are NO DAWGS:

Best of all, the litter box is ALWAYS KLEEN! I never have to wate for the Food Lady to flush it, wich frankly, was never offen enuf.

Evry time after I vizit it, it wates seven minits and then it rolls around like a Ferris Weel. I like stikkin my hed in to see how it werks. It saves all the kleen litter, drops my little tootsie rolls or soft serves into the crap bin, and then rolls around, takes the poop out and puts the kleen litter back in.

In case you wunted to reed the script for this grate movie, heer it is. I am vary prowd of it:

The Ferris Wheel for Poop
by Skeezix the Cat

My poop is a hazard for people with noses –
It’s noxious aroma is no bed of roses.
The fetid foul odors make manly men weep.
Folks stop what they’re doing and aks, “What the [BLEEP]?”
This problem is common with those of my species
cuz humans just don’t like the odor of feces.
The Litter-Robot is the perfect solution;
It keeps in the stink to reduce air pollution.
Its techno design is part Jetsons, part hip,
and I like to pretend it’s my outer space ship.
My people are happy they don’t have to scoop
and then air out the house hours after I poop.
It does all the work! You just empty the sack
that contains all the pee and the stink and the crap.
Your house will smell fresh as a garden. In fact,
your friends just might ask, “D’you get rid of the cat?”

And now for the Food Lady:

The Litter-Robot has changed my life.

The worst part of my day (assuming that there was no vomito de gato to clean up in the morning) was always after dinner when I had to clean the litter box. Now I only dread the deed once a week, and at that it’s just a 2-minute exercise in holding my breath while I change the bag, wash out the bin and spray with Zero Odor.

The Litter-Robot’s waste bin is about 4 times larger than that of the average self-cleaning litter box, so you really can set it and forget it.

The first question at the top of everyone’s mind is whether it will rotate with the cat inside.

I admit, before it arrived I was worried that Robot might rotate in its cleaning cycle with Skeezix in it, taking him on a nightmarish circus ride and traumatizing him for life. It won’t. Let’s go through how ingeniously this baby is engineered.

When your cat enters the ‘Bot, a sensor detects he’s inside and temporarily disables rotation. After your cat exits, it waits seven minutes before the cleaning cycle begins. This seven minutes has been determined to be the optimal amount of time to get the litter to clump.

If that cat (or another cat) enters the box before that seven minutes is up, the timer resets. The cleaning cycle won’t begin with a cat inside. The sensor can easily be adjusted if your cat is too lightweight for detection. Bottom line is, when your cat enters the box, the cleaning cycle won’t start until seven minutes after Fluffy last exited the box.

How the Litter-Robot Cleans

Seven minutes after the last cat has left the box, the cleaning cycle is triggered. The ‘Bot rotates, using gravity to filter the clean litter from waste as it moves over a litter grate filter. Clean litter is set aside and it continues to rotate, dumping the waste that remains into the waste bin.

Rotating back in the opposite direction, the clean litter that has been set aside flows back into the litter area. It rotates beyond the default position and back, leveling the litter within the box. It’s an amazing thing to watch. When it’s done you have a purrfectly level, clean bed of litter.

And, there are no rakes to get gummed up with wet litter that need to be cleaned all the time — a job that’s more disgusting than cleaning the litter box.

Litter-Robot Limitations

The Litter-Robot is not a purrfect solution for everycat. It’s not for plus-size cats and the actual litter surface area is smaller than the average litter box. If your cat is over about 15 lbs, it may not be a good choice. Anecdotal feedback suggests that big-boned breeds (Maine Coons, for example) may use it better than smaller-framed but overweight cats.

At the other end of the spectrum, it’s not recommended in unsupervised automatic mode for cats and kittens under 5 lbs, since the sensor may not detect their presence in the box. But, you can leave it in manual mode and activate the cleaning cycle when no cats are in the box.

Skittish cats and cats who won’t use hooded litter boxes also may not be good candidates.

It’s important to evaluate your cat’s litter box habits before purchasing, but if you have more than a couple of cats, chances are that enough of them will readily adopt it as their go-to spot for “going” that it’s worth the purchase.

The Litter-Robot has more info on whether the ‘Bot is right for your cat.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month Warranty

You won’t know whether your cat will go for it until you’ve tried it. If for any reason you decide it’s not for you, you can return it for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping, within 90 days.

And it has an 18-month warranty. During the warranty period they’ll repair or replace your Litter-Robot at no charge.

Read terms of the guarantee and warranty.

The Good:

  • Based on two cats, you can go about a week without emptying the waste bin.
  • Because the waste is removed from the box immediately and dumped into a self-contained internal bin, there is no smell from the bowels of the ‘bot. I can stick my head inside and smell nothing. (It’s true! The lengths I’ll go to to do a good product review should earn me a Pulitzer.) There is the expected odor when you open the waste receptacle for emptying and cleaning, but I’ll take that any day over those “What’s that Smell?” moments when you get a whiff of a half-buried turd in the regular box.
  • If your litter kicks up dust, you no longer have to worry about inhaling dust when you scoop or pour litter into the bin.
  • You can use regular garbage bags in it, not the more expensive litter box liners.
  • It’s compatible with most clumping clay litters. Litter Crystals, Pearls, and biodegradable litters, such as World’s Best Cat Litter, will all work very well.
  • It provides endless amusement for the cats.
  • Unlike other unsightly litter boxes, this one has a cool design you won’t mind having out in the open.
  • It’s a marvel of engineering and a delight to watch if you’re the type who appreciates industrial design.
  • Customer service is awesome and is U.S.-based.
  • And did I mention it changed my life?

The Not-so-Good:

  • I can’t say with scientific precision, but litter tracking seems to have increased with the ‘Bot. This is remedied with a litter mat or their a) optional litter step or b) fence that acts as a barrier to kicked litter.
  • It’s big. The footprint is about the same as a large litterbox so it takes up roughly the same floor space as a large litter box, but it’s taller. If you live in a small apartment, it might be too big for your tastes — but then again, litter box odor is more noticeable in close quarters, so it might be worth the extra space it takes up. If you house your box in an enclosure, check the measurements before you order.

I give it a million paws up. That’s it. Now go buy one.

Got questions? Ask ’em in the comments section below.

You can purchase the Litter-Robot at

THE FINE PRINT: The Litter-Robot was provided free of charge for review without stipulation that it be a positive review. No additional compensation was provided. The video was produced by Mousebreath Media which publishes Mousebreath Magazine.

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  1. happy harry says:

    OMC this is the funniest vid I’ve ever seen!

  2. Francois le Furry says:

    Yes, Skeezix, I wet my pants it was so funny. You should get an Oscar for this (In what category, I’m not sure!)

  3. Ralphie and the Furries says:

    very realistic

  4. Boris Kitty says:

    Pawsum video! I too big to fits in one of dem roboty boxes 🙁

  5. Dingle Boo says:

    We’re gonna have mom check out a litter robot cuz it looks like fun.

  6. Casper says:

    Best movie i ever saw!

  7. Bocce Tabby says:

    I love my Robopotty! I can even get my 18 lb self in there, no problem.

    Great video, Skeezy!

  8. Lennie says:

    Good job, dood!

  9. Fisher says:

    The video is fantastic! All cats should watch it and report back to their peeps that this is the litter box they want.

  10. Jane says:

    Skeezix, I think your review was the best one. You know how to work it for the camera and I didn’t have to read yours, I could just sit back and listen. Great job!

  11. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Great job, Skeezix. Loved your *Poopinator* video. Momma scoops our pans 4 times a day (there are 22 of them). She would love to have something like this,especially for Magic Man, cause he has the stinkiest poo on the planet or maybe even the universe, but that is not gonna happen for a few reasons. Cherokee is a very petite little mouser, she weighs only 4lbs. Then there are some of us, we won’t mention any names, but his initials are *Dancer*, that would never be able to squeeze into one, even on his best day. Next there are just not enough green papers on this planet (well, in our kitteh bank anyways) to buy all of these that we would need. Oh yeah, and you would need a lot of wall plug ins too! We will keep dreaming about it though and thinking of you enjoying yours 🙂

  12. bravo … bravo.
    i cooden’t heer da video becuz mi compyooter iz crap … but i luved da poem.
    i wood like a robot. i am jus sayin.
    yerz–jeter harris

  13. Skye says:

    My mommy gots one of these and me and my sisters love it! We sits and watch it go round and then the next one will go in. Mommy says this is the third one our family has and they last forever! Hope you love yours two!

  14. Queenie says:

    My mom hopes we git a litter-robot for Christmas.I’m gonna show her this grate moovey rite away,!!! I loved every minit and the good rhymey stuff. Good job, Skeez!

  15. gumby says:

    Hey, ya stole my moves, man!


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